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23 Epic Sagittarius Tattoos That Will Scratch Your Ink Itch

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Whether you’re a Sagittarius yourself or you want to celebrate a special someone who happens to belong to the same Zodiac sign, Sagittarius tattoos might be the right pick for you. Sagittarius tattoos are typically defined by a bow and arrow or an archer shooting a bow and arrow, but you’re free to get a tattoo of the Sagittarius constellation, too.

People who belong to the Sagittarius sign are fiery, passionate, and honest, as well as optimistic, independent, and adventurous. Sags are known for their luck, free-spirited nature, down-for-anything attitude, and, of course, their love of ink (Miley Cyrus being one of the most famous Sags out there). Ahead, find a few of our favorite Sagittarius tattoos!

1. A Sagittarius tattoo with flowers and a moon


We can’t get enough of fine-line tattoos that look elegant and effortless! A tattoo of the Sagittarius constellation complete with flowers and a moon will remind you of everything that makes you, well, you.

2. A Sagittarius tattoo with a Phoenix bird

Credit: @choiyun_tattoo

Sags are fiery and passionate, which you might want to accentuate with your tattoo. Sagittarius tattoos are often subtle and small, but you can add a beautiful Phoenix bird to yours and see what happens.

3. A bow and arrow Sagittarius tattoo


Sagittarius tattoos typically consist of an archer shooting a bow and arrow, a Sagittarius constellation, or a bow and arrow without the archer. People who prefer intricate ink might want to go with a simple bow-and-arrow tattoo that represents who they are.

4. An arrow and feather Sagittarius tattoo

Credit: @tattooist_giho_

Why not get an arrow tattoo with a few symbols and shapes that represent the nature of the Sagittarius Zodiac sign? A feathered arrow can represent freedom and transformation, and a heart can represent your love for astrology and all things Sag. A couple of sparkles can keep the vibe of your tattoo ethereal and mystical, too.

5. A Sagittarius tattoo with stars and constellations

Credit: @dokbi_tattoo

If you’ve been searching for a dainty and delicate Sagittarius tattoo, you might be interested in getting all the Sag-themed elements inked somewhere on your body. It’s possible – a bow and arrow, a feather at the end of the arrow, and a constellation represent everything Sagittarius signs are about.

6. A Sagittarius constellation tattoo

Credit: @slavenavena

Sagittarius constellation tattoos are at the top of our must-have lists! Whether you’re getting a tattoo for the first time ever or are afraid of going against your aesthetic, you can opt for a fine-line Sagittarius constellation tattoo.

7. A Sagittarius tattoo on the ribcage

Credit: @choiyun_tattoo

Sagittarius tattoos come in all shapes and sizes! If you’re looking for a more abstract aesthetic, you can opt for something like this – a Sagittarius tattoo consisting of sparkles, dots, and lines that make up the Sagittarius symbol. It’s adorable, isn’t it?

8. A Sagittarius constellation tattoo on the bicep

Credit: @brittany_tattoos

We’d argue that constellations, sparkles, and flowers go together no matter what. Whether you’re a Sag or belong to a completely different Zodiac sign, you can always play with these elements to create a tattoo that reflects who you are.

9. A geometric Sagittarius tattoo

Credit: @tattooist_naru

Geometric tattoos are typically defined by symmetrical lines and shapes that make up the most mysterious designs we’ve ever seen. Astrology and mystery go hand in hand, which means you’re free to experiment with geometric Sagittarius tattoos, too.

10. A floral Sagittarius constellation tattoo

Credit: @vicnascimentotattoo

A constellation doesn’t need to be made with sparkles and dots. After all, you can work with your tattoo artist and come up with the most creative symbols and styles to complete your tattoo. A floral constellation sounds like the perfect way to celebrate the Sags’ love of nature and adventure.

11. A Sagittarius tattoo with a snake

Credit: @jurgurgur

Snake tattoos come with negative connotations, but that needs to change ASAP. A snake tattoo can represent your resilience, strength, a transformation you’ve gone through, or a battle you’ve fought to get where you are right now. A Sagittarius bow with a snake can be a representation of your current state of mind, too.

12. A Sagittarius word tattoo

Credit: @justincariaga

Sagittarius tattoos can get quite detailed and delicate, and that’s okay. On the chance that you’re looking for something a little more simple, you can always opt for a word tattoo somewhere on your body. Sometimes you need to spell things out for people to understand, right?

13. A Sagittarius tattoo on the collarbone

Credit: @_jose_g_p_

Collarbone tattoos are sensual and strikingly beautiful, and we can’t think of a better placement for a Sagittarius tattoo! Whether you opt for a bigger, bolder tattoo or something a little smaller and simpler, you’re guaranteed to walk out of the tattoo parlor with a smile on your face.

14. A Sagittarius archer tattoo

Credit: @uno.tat

Sagittarius tattoos can be epic and eye-catching, too. People who prefer statement pieces with plenty of details, elements, and styles might want to opt for the motif of a Sagittarius archer shooting a bow and arrow.

15. A Sagittarius tattoo on the back of the leg

Credit: @kirisummer.tattoos

Whether you opt for an arm tattoo, a shoulder tattoo, or a leg tattoo, you can work with your tattoo artist to come up with a truly special, strikingly beautiful piece. A Sagittarius archer can be done in a myriad of styles, too, and that’s something to consider before you bite the bullet and start the process.

16. A Sagittarius archer tattoo on the chest


What about a Sagittarius archer on the chest? Chest tattoos offer you and your tattoo artist plenty of real estate to work with, and that’s a great way for you to express your creativity and explore different aspects of your Zodiac sign.

17. A Sagittarius archer tattoo on the forearm

Credit: @ng.ringvean

A forearm tattoo might be on the smaller side, but you can still fit a Sagittarius archer shooting a bow and arrow on it! At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to “go big or go home.”

18. A Sagittarius tarot card tattoo


Sagittarius tattoos don’t need to be basic and boring. Play with different aspects of your Zodiac sign and come up with a design that encompasses all of them – a hand holding a Sagittarius tarot card might be a great starting point for your creative juices!

19. A Sagittarius archer tattoo on the bicep

Credit: @everonwardink

We can say the same thing about this tattoo, too! A Sagittarius archer surrounded by mountains, planets, and constellations might be the most creative, captivating tattoo we’ve ever seen!

20. A Sagittarius archer tattoo on the thigh

Credit: @kait.deitz

A thigh tattoo might not be on your bucket list, but here’s why you should consider it for your next inking! A thigh tattoo can offer you plenty of space to work with, as well as enable you to conceal and reveal your tattoo to your liking. A thigh is a great placement for a Sagittarius tattoo.

21. A Sagittarius tattoo on the arm

Credit: @maya.tatt

If you’re a fan of sticker sleeve tattoos, you might be looking for a Sagittarius tattoo that fits with the rest of your tattoos. Sketchwork tattoos are quite loose, abstract, and unfinished, and that’s why they’re perfect for modern minimalists who prefer that style.

22. A Sagittarius tattoo on the back of the arm

Credit: @georole

A back-of-the-arm tattoo? Absolutely! Whether you’re a Sagittarius or you want to devote your tattoo to a Sag who made an impact on your life, you can’t go wrong with a small and simple Sagittarius tattoo on your arm.

23. A Sagittarius constellation tattoo on the shoulder

Credit: @bery_forestink

We’re ending the article with a stunning constellation tattoo on the shoulder! Shoulder tattoos are popular for a reason – they’re wearable and versatile, and they’re perfect for people who want the ability to show off their tattoos whenever they feel like it. A Sagittarius constellation tattoo never looked better, right?