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23 Tiger Tattoo Ideas You’ll Want To Steal Right Now


Whether a portrait of your precious pet or an ode to your spirit animal, you truly can’t go wrong with an animal tattoo. Between larger-than-life works of art depicting blood-thirsty bears and delicate, dainty inks that outline the cutest creatures, you simply need to pick the perfect one. What about a tiger tattoo?

With a tiger on your chest, forearm, or even your finger, you’re guaranteed to feel strong, sturdy, and powerful at all times. Whenever you catch a glimpse of your tattoo, you’re going to feel like the ruler of the jungle – the jungle being your friend group or your colleagues at the office.

We can’t deny that tigers are the epitome of beauty, dignity, and grace, and that they’re great reminders of everything you’re capable of achieving on your own. A tiger tattoo might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s up to you to decide whether you’re ready to take on that power yourself.

We’ve rounded up a few of Instagram’s favorite tiger tattoos to get you started.

1. A black traditional tiger on the forearm

Credit: @jaeill_son

A traditional black tattoo is a style with a bold black outline and a limited color palette, mainly blacks, grays, and whites. With a traditional tiger on your forearm, you’re going to feel all that power running through your veins.

2. A tiger tattoo on the shoulder

Credit: @arang_eleven

What about a tiger tattoo on the shoulder? Tigers represent all things fearless, and that’s why they’re some of the most popular, prominent motifs among tattoo-getters. Tigers are strikingly beautiful and bold, too, and that’s why they’re perfect to carry on your shoulders.

3. A cute and cuddly tiger on the forearm

Credit: @wilwang_tatt

Not all tigers are scary, and you can get away with a cute and cuddly tiger on your forearm. Work with your tattoo artist to come up with a design that reflects who you are and what you’re capable of.

4. A back tattoo of two tigers playing with each other

Credit: @ati.ful

What’s better than a tiger on your back? Two tigers! With a tattoo of two tigers playing with each other, you’re going to be reminded of the primal and instinctual traits of your personality. Whether you’re strong and sweet or powerful and hard-hearted, you’re going to adore your back tattoo,

5. A tattoo of a tiger walking on water

Credit: @start.your.line

What about a tattoo of a tiger walking on water? When you decide to bite the bullet and get the tattoo you always wanted, don’t shy away from experimenting with different designs. Play with elements that amplify or completely change the meaning of your tattoo.

6. A tiger on the upper arm

Credit: @arang_eleven

Whether you’re a first-timer or thinking of getting your hundredth tattoo of the year, you can’t go wrong with an upper arm tattoo.

Animal tattoos can take up quite a lot of space, too, and that’s why you’re better off opting for a tattoo placement that offers you and your tattoo artist plenty of real estate to work with.

7. A black traditional tattoo of a tiger butterfly on the chest

Credit: @jaeill_son

Want to explore the wondrous world of negative space tattoos? Opt for a tattoo of a butterfly filled with whatever elements, symbols, or styles speak to you the most. A tiger butterfly might represent the duality of your personality or your ability to deal with everything that comes your way with grace and courage.

8. A Korean tiger with red flames on the thigh

Credit: @bayun.tattoos

The traditional style of Korean art seems to be gaining more and more traction these days. That being said, a Korean tiger tattoo is much more than meets the eye. In Korean culture, tigers are seen as guardians and protectors and that’s why they’re great tattoo motifs, too.

9. A tiger with red flames on the inside of the arm

Credit: @kashatattooer

If you’re a fan of traditional Korean art, you might be interested in getting a red and black ink tattoo. It’s a great way for you to stray away from the basic, boring black ink tattoo and experiment with a style you might not be familiar with.

10. A red dragon and a black tiger on the back

Credit: @nobodytattoo

If red and black ink tattoos fit your aesthetic, you might be interested in a red dragon and a black tiger tattoo, too. Whether you opt for a back tattoo or a tattoo somewhere else on your body, you can play with different elements to achieve the look you’re going for.

11. A linework tiger tattoo on the upper arm

Credit: @cxitlantattoos

Linework tattoos are, you guessed it, made with lines and a lining needle.

They’re super popular among first-timers because they’re known to require less time, effort, and energy. They’re great for tattoo-getters who appreciate modern minimalism because they’re typically a little more subtle and soft than “regular” tattoos.

12. A fine-line tiger tattoo on the ribcage


A fine-line tiger on your ribcage might be the right choice for you. At the end of the day, ribcage tattoos can be quite painful and time-consuming and that’s why you’re better off opting for a fine-line tattoo rather than a traditional tattoo.

13. A blue ink tiger on the upper arm

Credit: @saki.lss

We talked your ears off with red ink, but what do you think of blue ink tattoos? Blue ink tattoos might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they’re a great way for you to express your creativity and opt for a tattoo that’s unlike any other you’ve ever done.

14. A tattoo of a tiger surrounded by clouds

Credit: @wilwang_tatt

Who would’ve thought tigers and clouds would be the perfect match? Clouds typically represent peace, prosperity, harmony, and freedom. When combined with tigers, panthers, or lions, clouds can represent your wish to get rid of all the negative energy and focus on the positive.

15. Another tattoo of a tiger surrounded by clouds

Credit: @arang_eleven

If you’re not a fan of the subtle softness of the previous tattoo, you might be more intrigued by this reiteration of a tiger surrounded by clouds. It’s quite abstract, but the meaning of the tattoo is still there – the tiger is trying to detach itself from all things negative.

16. A tiger surrounded by flowers on the hip

Credit: @dxm_tattooart

We can’t forget about flowy, floral hip tattoos, can we? Whenever you’re on the hunt for a tattoo that accentuates the curvatures of your body, opt for a hip tattoo. Add a couple of your favorite flowers to spice things up and don’t forget to have fun.

17. A sleepy tiger on the forearm

Credit: @wilwang_tatt

If you prefer a more serene and composed representation of a tiger, you’re probably going to appreciate a tattoo of a sleeping tiger much more than a tattoo of a roaring one. A sleepy tiger represents calmness, patience, and control, and that’s probably the exact thing you need to remind yourself of.

18. A roaring tiger on the forearm

Credit: @wilwang_tatt

If you’re yawning at the sight of the sleepy tiger, you might be better off with a roaring one, after all. It’s clear that the roaring tiger attracts more attention among tattoo-getters and that’s why you might be more drawn to it, too.

19. A peeking tiger on the leg

Credit: @wilwang_tatt

What about a peeking tiger? Whenever you’re working on the design of your tattoo, make sure you’re open and honest with your tattoo artist. Whatever you can come up with, we’re sure that your tattoo artist can turn it into a work of art.

20. A tiger on the back of the neck

Credit: @tattooer_intat

A tiger tattoo on the back of the neck might be our favorite! Back-of-the-neck tattoos are wearable and versatile because you can easily conceal or reveal them, depending on your personal preferences. Before you decide on the placement of your tattoo, consider getting a back-of-the-neck tattoo first.

21. An abstract tiger tattoo on the upper arm

Credit: @tattooer_nadi

Abstract tattoos are all the rage these days. What’s great about abstract tattoos might be the fact that there are *so many* styles to choose from which means you’re guaranteed to find a style that works for you. We recommend this lovely, loose, watercolor-esque style for your first tiger tattoo!

22. A tiger sticker sleeve

Credit: @tattoobymeg

A sticker sleeve is a collection of small tattoos on one part of your body. A sticker sleeve is different from a “regular” sleeve because it doesn’t require you to fill empty spaces with filler tattoos. With a sticker sleeve, you’re free to build it and add tattoos to it whenever you feel like it.

23. A linework tiger on the bicep

Credit: @kalula_tattoo

We’re ending the article with another linework tattoo! A linework tiger on the bicep can be a great way for you to channel your inner strength and resilience or pay homage to someone who has been a protector in your life. A great way to start your tattoo journey, too!