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20 Brilliant Tummy Tuck Tattoos To Boost Your Confidence

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With a tender tummy tuck surgery come scars, discolorations, and disfigurements that diminish all the work you did to make yourself feel better about your weight loss. Tummy tucks are great for getting rid of excess skin, but they’re known to cause permanent scarring that might make you feel like you’re at war with your insecurities. Tummy tuck tattoos are a creative way of covering all the scars that make you feel unworthy and unwanted.

Tattooing scar tissue can be quite challenging, though, and that’s why we recommend you work with your tattoo artist to come up with the best way to approach the issue at hand. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite tummy tuck tattoos to show you that you can take something you’re insecure about and turn it into a true work of art.

1. A lotus flower tummy tuck tattoo

Credit: @melissaa_lotuss

A lotus flower surrounded by leaves, ornaments, and dots can be an excellent way to conceal your tummy tuck scars. A lotus flower represents purity, peace, strength, and resilience, all of which go hand in hand with everything you’ve been through.

2. A tummy tuck tattoo with flowers and butterflies

Credit: @chernobylink

Whenever you’re feeling down in the dumps because of your tummy tuck scars, remember that you can cover them with flowers, butterflies, and dragonflies! Floral tattoos represent love, whether for your romantic partner, best friend, or a family member you’re close with.

3. A colorful tummy tuck tattoo with flowers and butterflies

Credit: @do.artink

Black and gray tattoos are typically the way to go when you’re trying to cover your tummy tuck scars, but that needs to change ASAP. Before you book your appointment, consider getting a colored tattoo and owning your scars with the utmost pride and conviction. Colored tattoos are eye-catching and elegant, and they’re a great way to ensure you stand out even when you’re trying to duck down and disappear.

4. A tummy tuck tattoo with a big butterfly

Credit: @lisandrarivashernandez

Flowers and leaves are perfect for a tummy tuck tattoo, but what about butterflies? Butterflies represent transformation, change, and rebirth which goes with everything tummy tuck tattoos stand for, too.

5. A tummy tuck tattoo with wings

Credit: @jbs_ink_therapy

What about a tummy tuck tattoo with wings? While flowers are a popular tummy tuck tattoo motif, wings might be a more creative way for you to commemorate all the hardships you went through to get where you are right now.

6. A tummy tuck tattoo with a colorful butterfly

Credit: @projectpat510

Black tattoos or colored tattoos? Before you take your pick, consider combining the two together and coming up with a design that consists of black elements complete with a colored butterfly.

7. An ornamental tummy tuck tattoo

Credit: @anais_chabane

Ornamental tattoos are decorative rather than functional or meaningful, but that’s what makes them the perfect pick for *a lot* of people. With an ornamental tummy tuck tattoo, you get to play with the placement of different ornaments and come up with a design that speaks to you the most.

8. A tummy tuck tattoo across the entire stomach

Credit: @anais_chabane

Why not cover your entire stomach with dots and ornaments, though? Tummy tuck tattoos don’t need to be concentrated around your scars – you can use them to embellish your entire stomach and avert everyone’s attention away from your scars.

9. A fine-line tummy tuck tattoo

Credit: @kentip_789tattoo

Fine-line tattoos are becoming more and more popular, and they might be the right pick for your tummy tuck tattoo, too. If you’re a fan of simple, subtle tattoos, you can opt for a fine-line floral wreath or a butterfly to cover up your tummy tuck scars. It’s cute!

10. A vibrant tummy tuck tattoo

Credit: @necromandi

Vibrant tattoos are awesome, too! Whether you’re getting your first tattoo ever or trying to come up with a tummy tuck tattoo that goes with your vibrant, whimsical aesthetic, we’ve got a great suggestion for you. Get a vibrant floral tattoo over your tummy tuck scars and see what happens!

11. A floral tummy tuck tattoo

Credit: @moxietattoo

You can’t go wrong with flowers! Whether you’re getting a colored tattoo or a black and gray one, you can play with different flowers and come up with a design that represents who you are and what you’ve been through. We suggest adding birds and butterflies, too.

12. A tummy tuck tattoo with black roses

Credit: @stickswell

Blackwork roses, on the other hand, might work wonderfully with your dark and moody vibe, too! Whether you opt for a blackwork tattoo, a fine-line tattoo, or something completely different, you can’t go wrong with black ink over a tummy tuck scar.

13. A floral tummy tuck tattoo with a moon

Credit: @jlopeztattoos

What tummy tuck scar!? When you’re planning on going all out because you’re tired of looking at your tummy tuck scars, you can always go for a floral tattoo that stretches across your entire stomach. Add a little moon around your belly button and you’re good to go.

14. A tummy tuck tattoo with bunnies and flowers


What do you do when you want to be different, though? If florals aren’t your thing, you can always go with a captivating but creepy bunny tattoo. It goes without saying that you should find a tattoo artist who understands your vision and wants to make your wildest tattoo dreams come true.

15. A floral tummy tuck tattoo with butterflies

Credit: @naomi_poppytattoo

A tummy tuck tattoo can be sweet, romantic, and even rustic, too! Opt for a symmetrical design that consists of different flowers you life, butterflies, and elements that make you feel like you’re celebrating your tummy tuck scars rather than covering them.

16. An abstract tummy tuck tattoo

Credit: @kirrily.tattoos

Abstract tattoos are perfect for people who want more from their tummy tuck tattoos! After all, you’re going to wear your tummy tuck tattoo forever and that’s why you need to be on board with whatever design you and your tattoo artist come up with.

17. A tummy tuck tattoo of a heart with horns and demon wings


Feeling fiendish? Get a tummy tuck tattoo of a heart with horns and demon wings to represent who you are when no one’s looking!

18. A cherry blossom tummy tuck tattoo

Credit: @officiallychainz

What about a cherry blossom tattoo? If you’re a fan of the beautiful blooms, you might be interested in covering your tummy tuck scars with a blooming tattoo that wraps around your hips and accentuates the curvatures of your body. It looks lovely, doesn’t it?

19. A tummy tuck tattoo with a lotus flower and ornaments

Credit: @anais_chabane

Lotus flowers are quite a common tummy tuck tattoo motif, and for a good reason, too. Lotus flowers work wonderfully with ornaments and represent all the positive things that come with owning up to your mistakes, taking charge of your life, and accepting yourself for who you truly are.

20. A lotus flower mandala tummy tuck tattoo

Credit: @anais_chabane

We’re ending the article with a lotus flower mandala tummy tuck tattoo! Similarly to ornamental tattoos, mandala tattoos are decorative rather than functional and are made with a million geometric shapes and symbols. Still, mandala tattoos are highly trendy and are a great way to cover up (or celebrate) your tummy tuck scars.