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24 Wave And Sun Tattoo Ideas And The Meaning Behind Them

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Getting a wave and sun tattoo seems to be an ongoing trend, but what’s the meaning behind this body decoration? You’re obsessed with tattoos but at the same time, you would never put something on your body if you weren’t sure about what it represents. So, will this design get a green light?

Usually, waves represent life and all the ups and downs that come with it. They’re a reminder that adaptability is the way to go.

Sun, on the other hand, is a symbol of light and power. It’s proof that even after the darkest nights, the sun will rise. So, even after the toughest period of your life, something good must happen.

When you combine these two symbols, you get a beautiful meaning. In order to move through life, you have to let go of your worries. You can’t control every aspect of your life but you can let destiny unravel its plans and enjoy the journey.

Honestly, this is the only possible way to live a life because no matter how hard you stress about something, you can never know how things are going to turn out in the end. So, let the waves take you and let the sun lead you. Something amazing will happen.

If you’re in love with the meaning of the wave and sun tattoo, maybe you’ll also love the following design ideas.

Wave and sun tattoo ideas done with black ink

Credit: buza_ink

Even something simple such as this design will serve as a reminder that you have to let go of your concerns. If you don’t like big and bold tattoos, this could be a great choice for you.

Credit: dokgonoing

There’s something peaceful about this design. Even though the waves are going wild, you can still trust that they’re going to take you where you need to be. And that’s just beautiful.

Credit: yangda.ttt

This tattoo is a real mix of geometrical and realistic styles. The sea looks so real and the dot work on the sun is impeccable. We love it!

Credit: porterhousetattoos1502

This framed wave and sun motifs will serve as a reminder that each moment of your life will pass. Those bad days don’t last forever; there are just pictures in a sequence and eventually, all of them create your very own movie.

Credit: orion.indigo

Again, we have something plain for the lovers of the simple. This kind of tattoo doesn’t require a huge commitment if that’s something you’re afraid of.


Happiness is when you let go of the idea that you have to be prepared for each moment of your life. The beauty lies in those experiences that happen completely unplanned.

Credit: dolim_tat

Are you into abstract tattoos? Then you can easily get something like this which will represent the sun and the waves. It’s unique but its meaning remains the same.

Credit: estelletattoos

The shading is what makes this tattoo stand out. Even though it’s simpler in design, its details make it pop.

Credit: meoniawitch

Do you like the way lines and dots work together and bring a tattoo to life? Then you’re going to love this design.

Credit: budwizzo

This tattoo uses a combination of thick and fine lines in order to create shapes and silhouettes. With a bit of shading, the whole design gets a life.

Credit: wariondarkbonny

The left part of the tattoo is focused on the wild waves and includes a ton of dot work. The right part represents the sun that is done in an Aztec style. Together, you get a beautiful tattoo that’s slightly different from your usual sun and wave designs.

Credit: emersonroachtattoos

This tattoo is a game with lines. Straight, curved, longer, and shorter strikes all work together and make this design truly special. It’s a bit bigger and it’s going to fit on your forearm perfectly.

Credit: whitecrowjb_

What makes this tattoo different from the rest is that the sun is made completely out of dot work. There are no lines; its shape is achieved through the number of dots.

Credit: alexisvargasart

What about these two triangles? One is filled with sun and the second one with waves, and together they create harmony and give meaning to your tattoo.

Credit: orion.indigo

Are you looking for something feminine? Something simple, linear, and perfectly proportioned? This tattoo is exactly what you need.

Colorful wave and sun tattoo options

Credit: naryn.wave

Wave and sun tattoos are usually done with black ink. But if you’re looking for something bolder, then you can choose a colorful design such as this one. It’s your tattoo and you have a right to make it as bright as you want.

Credit: wenn_tattoo

This one has a simple design but the pop of color makes it stand out. Plus, it’s going to remind you of summer vacation each time you look at it. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Credit: lblikethat

How about separating the wave and sun like this and making them unique by adding some bright colors that will tie everything together? We love the idea, and maybe you’ll feel the same way about it as well.

Credit: mermaidinctattoo

This tattoo is different from all of the other ones on the list. Its elements aren’t tied together in the usual way; they don’t create that natural wave and sun scenery. At the same time, this unusual combination works well in its own way.

Credit: anaisseasun

Here we have another big and bold tattoo, perfect for all of you who are looking for something different. Wave and sun design doesn’t have to be boring. You can make it as detailed and as complicated as you want to, and this is proof.

Credit: tattsha_

What about a vintage frame that pictures crazy waves during sunset? It’s not your usual tattoo but it’s definitely going to steal the show.

Credit: ink.doodlez

This tattoo contains all the sea life elements. From wild waves to the compass that leads your way and the sun and the moon which are natural guides for all seafarers. This design could be your cup of tea if you’re obsessed with the wide ocean.

Credit: melisabodurman

This time, we’re talking about a simple design with a twist. Adjusting the color of the ink so it fits the elements of the tattoo makes a ton of difference and transforms this basic sketch into something else.

Credit: siren_ink

If you’re thinking about adding a moon to your tattoo design, then this is how you could do it. At the end of the day, the sun doesn’t exist without the moon so it makes sense that you want to include both of these elements into your tattoo.