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23 Wolf Tattoos For Men And Their Strong Devotion

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Wolf tattoos for men are one of the best designs that you’ll see out there.

These tattoos represent integrity, strength, devotion, and loyalty. We all know that wolves move in packs, which makes them extremely dangerous, as they’re loyal to the members of their pack.

The meaning behind your tattoo is quite important. You want to have a story behind it and to have something to tell people when they ask you about the amazing piece of artwork on your skin.

For that exact reason, it’s definitely a great idea! If you choose to put this on your body, you’ll always have something that represents the things that you stand for. We gathered some ideas to inspire your personal design.

Scary wolf tattoos for men

Source: @wolfofbaltimore

Wolf tattoos for men are usually done in a scary manner. The design can represent a realistic tattoo, but if you want something that will intimidate people and show them that you’re not a person who should be messed with, then you should definitely choose this.

Source: @bobo_tattooer

This wolf design has everything incorporated into it. The scary expression is there, and you can even see its claws out to get anyone that crosses your path. This vicious wolf is a protector.

Source: @konradkrajdaart

This tattoo shows a wolf that isn’t scared of an attack. There’s an arrow in its mouth that couldn’t stand a chance against this bloodthirsty hound. The shadows in this design are immaculate, and you should pay attention to all the little details. There’s even some cyber sigilism element put into it.

Source: @heukdo__

At first, this doesn’t even look like a wolf. However, after a second glance, you’ll see that this tattoo has all the things that represent a vicious wolf. The jaw, the teeth, the design of the head – it’s just a design that leaves you speechless.

Source: @kennipoke

Wolf tattoos for men don’t just have to include harsh lines, sometimes the shadows that you incorporate into the design will give the tattoo enough depth to make it look like it’ll jump out of your skin.

Source: @jacob_tattoo

This is another wolf tattoo on a guy who wants to show his strength and that he’s not scared of a fight. He wants to show that he’ll stand for the people that he cares about! I mean, you can see the arrows that are coming from his skin.

Source: @fredao_oliveira

This is quite an interesting design that shows how many ways you can complement the shape of the body part that the tattoo is done on. This scary wolf design flows down the arm perfectly, and it really shows the beauty of the art.

Source: @bk_tattooer

This vicious-looking wolf tattoo for men is a design that you should definitely consider. The linework is crazy in this tattoo and the shadows bring out the danger that the opponent is in.

Source: @whatreiley

A wolf tattoo doesn’t just have to be the head of the wolf, you can also tattoo the entire wolf and still make it look scary and dangerous.

Realistic wolf tattoos for men


At the end of the day, the most common wolf tattoos for men are the ones that showcase a realistic wolf. This design is very special, there are mountains underneath the wolf, and its eyes are some bright shades of brown.

Source: @dani.tez

This wolf is in full attack mode. The whole design is quite dark, but the details really bring the image to life.

Source: @11art_tattooz

Blue eyes on a wolf tattoo make it look mysterious and even stronger. There are other design choices here that are special, like the trees on top, and the geometric details around it, and the negative space on the top creates a gorgeous moon.

Source: @matheussanttattoo

This is such a well-done tattoo. Wolf tattoos for men are easy to imagine, but they’re hard to execute. This tattoo has all the details and images that you may want to incorporate on your next visit to the tattoo parlor.

Source: @nitutattoo_

This wolf doesn’t look as vicious, but the fur around its head is very dark. The ink is black, and that’s what makes the face of the wolf stand out like this.


A half-sleeve tattoo is probably a great idea. Wolf tattoos for men are a special combination of all the things that represent masculinity. However, let’s be honest – the blue eyes are perfectly saturated and they catch your attention immediately.

Two wolves

Source: @evgenymel

You know the saying about how every human being has two wolves within us? One is a good wolf, and the other one is bad. The one that will grow into the strongest wolf is the one that you feed.

That could be an amazing inspiration for your next tattoo. Just like this example of wolves, where one represents the sun, and the other one represents the moon.

Source: @courtneymeerman

These two wolves are a mother and a baby wolf. Considering that wolves represent loyalty, you could consider this a sign of loyalty toward your family.


Wolf tattoos for men can have so much meaning within them. This one shows a little cub on one side, and a vicious-looking wolf in the reflection. Even the circles in the water look so realistic. The background is perfectly done, and the moon on top is extremely detailed.

Source: @dani.tez

This is an interesting design. The wolf on top covers almost half of the face of the other wolf. However, the images are perfectly blended into each other.

Source: @thommesen_ink

Wolf tattoos for men are definitely one of the most amazing tattoos that you’ll ever see. The two wolves in this tattoo show the two sides of every human. The details are immaculate, and it genuinely looks realistic.

Colorful wolf tattoos for men

Source: @blady.czort

This is a traditional tattoo style, that still shows the vicious animal you want to commemorate on your body. The chain didn’t stand a chance against this animal!

Source: @sini__tattooer

Wolf tattoos for men don’t have to be that serious either, you can also do a little wolf plushy. This one has a lot of simple shadows, but the colors are quite saturated, even though most of the tattoo is done in black and gray.

Source: @levgenknysh

You don’t have to use simple designs and colors that everyone is using for their tattoos. This wolf has flames coming out of its eyes because the forest is on fire. There’s a clear message here that no one should ignore.