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20 Jaw-Dropping 666 Tattoo Ideas That Command Attention

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A 666 tattoo is commonly recognized as a symbol of the devil. But if you observe it as an angel number then it gets a completely different meaning. In that case, it represents a reminder to refocus and find balance in life.

Despite the reason behind getting this tattoo, we want to help you with possible design ideas. We’re aware that you’re feeling torn among all of the options that are right in front of you so hopefully, this article will help you on your journey.

1. Abstract 666

Credit: geniekittietattoo

If you like abstract tattoos, this design is a simple take on that style. It’s not overly complicated and won’t take up much space on your body but it’s still slightly different from the traditional and simple designs.

2. 666 on fire

Credit: _chez.tattu

To spice things up, you can always add a fire outline above the number. In this case, it’s done by using red ink which contrasts beautifully with the black underneath it.

3. Red ink tattoo

Credit: kloe.pentier

Or, you can go all red and opt for a tattoo such as this one. What makes it unique is the ink choice which instantly changes up the overall feel of the design.

4. Devil’s horns

Credit: nikki_jane_tattoo

If you want your 666 tattoo to symbolize evil, you can decorate it with these simple devil’s horns. Done with red ink, they will give your new tattoo a bit more character and drama, if we’re allowed to say so.

5. A gradient tattoo

Credit: sofytattoos

You can also opt for a gradient technique and combine two contrasting ink shades. In this case, the artist used red and black which obviously go well perfectly.

6. An evil tattoo

Credit: zik_tats

The moment you step outside the tattoo shop with a 666 tattoo, people are going to ask you one question on repeat. “Why would you get an evil tattoo?” Well, this design makes fun of that question and turns it into a sarcastic tattoo.

7. Keys tattoo

Credit: straydogsociety

Maybe you can get a tattoo of an everyday object and engrave the number 666 inside of it. This way, your new tattoo won’t be so obvious and will avoid criticism from the people around you.

8. Scary and disturbing

Credit: tattooer_zusen

If you want to take things one step ahead and opt for something creepy and disturbing that definitely screams evil, this edgy design is the solution you need. Now, the real question is if you’re feeling brave enough to wear it on your skin forever.

9. A blackwork tattoo

Credit: marialessmes

Another simple solution is to opt for an Old English font, fill it with black ink, and call it a day. Even though we’re talking about a straightforward design, you can be sure it will get noticed thanks to the blackwork technique.

10. Surrounded by barbed wire

Credit: lauren.b_tattoo

When you’re looking for a way to improve a basic 666 tattoo, you can always surround it with a heart-shaped barbed wire. It’s a simple but effective solution.

11. Growing roots

Credit: _chez.tattu

This tattoo looks like it’s growing out of your skin; it feels as if it belongs on your body. Despite that, we’re talking about a simple design that won’t take a long sit at a tattoo shop.

12. 666 made cute

Credit: auto__k

If you’re looking for a way to tone down a 666 tattoo, this is how you can do it. Turn numbers into cute cherries and you’ll be good to go. Maybe people won’t associate this tattoo with the devil the first time they see it.

13. Surrounded by foliage

Credit: gage_tattoo

You can always decorate a simple design with foliage. This gives the overall design a more classical touch and makes it feel like it will never go out of style.

14. Witch face and 666


Maybe a combination of a witch face and the number 666 could be all you’re looking for. This design is completely different from everything we’ve already shown you but maybe that’s exactly what you need.

15. Added sparkles


An easy way of brightening up your tattoo is by adding some ink sparkles. This won’t overcomplicate the whole design but it will definitely give it more character.

16. Smiling 666

Credit: blackscraps

Making sure people don’t associate your new tattoo with the devil isn’t such an easy task but this design succeeds at it. Who could think that these smiling numbers could represent evil? We’re sure the list is short.

17. Pop of color

Credit: jjet_black_tattoo

For a more dramatic effect, you can combine an abstract style with splashes of red ink. This is the perfect solution if your new tattoo is actually going to represent the devil.

18. An outline tattoo

Credit: erincooktattoos

If you’re looking for something simple, you can always get an outline of the numbers and end things there. You can be sure that a design such as this one will fit anywhere you want.

19. A dice tattoo

Credit: foreversadaustin

To make things a bit more interesting, you can opt for three dice and ensure they roll number 6. With a bit of shading and maybe even a pop of red color, you’ll end up with a unique tattoo.

20. A minimalistic tattoo

Credit: szeszu

Last but not least, we have a really simple idea that will suit any aesthetic. It can fit anywhere on your body and even though it’s not the most interesting design in the world, it will still give you the meaning you’re looking for.