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20 tatouages père-fille parfaits pour la petite fille du papa

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What’s the tea with father-daughter tattoos? You and your father might not always see eye-to-eye, but you’re well aware that man would do anything for you. You’ve gone through thick and thin together and you’ve earned the right to tease each other, scream at each other, and poke fun at each other.

With that out of the way, though, what’s the best way to pay thanks to the guy who’s done it all? You might be on the right track with a cute card or a fruit basket, but we’re thinking of something far more permanent – like a tattoo. You know you’d want to flaunt a matching tattoo with your father.

Sure, your father might have been wary of you getting a tattoo back when you were 18, but now that you’re all grown up, we’re sure he’ll be far more supportive – especially when he’s getting inked right next to you. So, you need to figure out whether that’s something your father would want to do.

After all, he’d do anything for you. Ahead are some inspiring father-daughter tattoo ideas, ranging from sweet and simple to quirky and downright chucklesome.

1. Un tatouage de lion et de lionceau assorti

Crédit : @omgitsliza

Quelle meilleure façon de commémorer votre relation avec votre père que de lui offrir un cadeau assorti ? tatouage d'un lion et un lionceau ? Les tatouages de lion symbolisent généralement la force, la bravoure, le courage et l'intrépidité, et lorsqu'ils sont associés à un lionceau, ils représentent la puissance d'une famille.

2. Un tatouage d'empreintes de pouce père-fille

Crédit : @spud_tattoo13

Whenever you’re unsure of the best way to pay homage to your father-daughter relationship, you might want to consider getting a matching thumbprint tattoo. You can work with your tattoo artist and come up with a cute design the two of you are going to want to wear – well – forever.

3. Un portrait tatoué père-fille

Crédit : @julianna_koreny

What about a father-daughter portrait tattoo? You can bring a photo of the two of you to your appointment and work with your tattoo artist to come up with a style that works for you. Whether you opt for an outline, a realistic portrait, or something completely different, we’re rooting for you.

4. Un tatouage ornemental père-fille

Crédit : @thierryrossen

What’s great about ornamental tattoos happens to be the fact that you don’t need to come up with a special meaning to explain why you decided to get a matching tattoo – ornamental tattoos a purely decorative. We suggest you come up with a design that works for you and your pops.

5. Un tatouage d'empreintes de mains père-fille

Crédit : @sixfeetundertattoo_rotterdam

We can’t think of a better way to show your pops your affection and appreciation than with a matching handprint tattoo. With a tattoo like that, you’re going to carry your father’s hands with you everywhere you go and you’re going to feel like the two of you are permanently intertwined.

6. Un tatouage mantra père-fille assorti

Crédit : @desertneedle

Matching mantra tattoos are perfect for fathers and daughters who know exactly what they want to say to each other. With “love you more” and “love you most” tattoos, the two of you are going to feel closer than ever – and that’s the point of getting matching tattoos with your old man.

7. Un tatouage assorti d'un père et d'une fille se tenant par la main

Crédit : daisymaytattoo

We’re pretty positive you’ve never seen a tattoo as adorable as a tattoo of you and your father holding hands. Whether you bring a photo to your appointment or allow your artist to freehand the entire thing, you’re going to leave the tattoo parlor with a smile on your face.

8. A matching “I love you” tattoo

Crédit : @tattoobychang

What’s one thing you want your father to always remember? Get a matching “I love you” tattoo with your old man and make sure the two of you are always on the same page about that – no matter how hard things get, no matter how long you go without seeing each other, the two of you love each other.

9. Un tatouage de tasse à café assorti

Crédit : @ralphmadridtattoos

What’s one thing that reminds you of your father? Whether that’s the cup of coffee you share together each morning, the “I love you” you utter when you leave for work, or the fresh bread you bake on the weekends, you can get that memory permanently etched onto your body.

10. Un tatouage de machine à écrire père-fille

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We already talked about getting matching mantra tattoos, but the font you opt for matters, too. We don’t why, but typewriter tattoos carry much more meaning than your regular mantra tattoos. “Cambio es bueno” might not be the thing you want to get tatted, but you get the bigger picture.

11. Un tatouage assorti d'une tête de mort et d'une rose

Crédit : @darlinrosetattoo

When we think of matching father-daughter tattoos, our minds don’t go to skulls – but maybe your mind does. When you and your father share a specific hobby, feel fond of something, or bond over something, you might want to get a tattoo of that exact thing to pay homage to your relationship.

Tatouage d'une tête de mort avec un rose might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s up to you to decide.

12. A father-daughter tattoo of Harry Styles’ lyrics

Crédit : @sorrymominkolympia

We’re itching to get matching tattoos with the two of you, too!

Harry Styles’ lyrics are always a great tattoo idea, so when you’re looking for inspiration for your next father-daughter ink, you might want to check out Harry’s latest albums.

13. Un tatouage de crâne père-fille

Crédit : @tattoosbyfrankiev

We’ve got another tatouage de crâne coming your way! Whether you’re obsessed with skulls or want to play a prank on each other with the most unassuming tattoo motif ever, you might want to go with a matching skull tattoo. Add a couple of elements that make the tattoo more personal and you’re good to go.

14. Un tatouage en script assorti

Crédit : @lexibkip

Whenever you’re struggling with matching tattoos, remember that you can get a tattoo of a quote, a lyric, or even a word that means something to both of you. Maybe you want to get a tattoo of a letter your father wrote to you or a note your father left you when you were little. Whatever the case might be, opt for something meaningful and mindful.

15. Un tatouage de rameau d'olivier assorti

Crédit : @quindaytattoos

Why not get a matching olive branch tattoo with your pops? Olive branch tattoos typically represent peace, prosperity, and power, but they can carry a myriad of meanings depending on your perception of them. Olive branches, for example, might hold a special place in your and your father’s heart.

16. Un tatouage père-fille assorti d'une montagne

Crédit : @fathertats

Avec un tatouage de montagne, you and your father can relieve all the weekends you spent together hiking, swimming, and fishing. When you and your father share an obsession with the great outdoors, there’s no better tattoo than a matching mountain tattoo.

17. Un tatouage père-fille aux lignes fines

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Whether you’re a first-timer or getting tired of elaborate tattoos that take too much time, effort, and energy, you might want to experiment with fine-line tattoos. Fine-line tattoos are quite popular among tattoo-getters, and they’re a great way for you to honor your relationship with your father.

18. Tatouage d'un portrait père-fille en dessin au trait

Crédit : @celebrityinktattoocarousel

What about line-art tattoos? Line-art tattoos are perfect for modern minimalists who want to get a father-daughter tattoo that’s elegant and effortless rather than elaborate. Line-art tattoos are, of course, made of lines, but these lines are detailed enough to depict the desired design and tell the story.

19. Un tatouage père-fille avec date de naissance

Crédit : @tattoobychang

Certains des meilleurs motifs de tatouage sont aussi les plus simples. Si vous voulez faire quelque chose de spécial pour votre père, vous pouvez vous faire tatouer vos dates de naissance. Vous pouvez même expérimenter avec des dates qui signifient quelque chose de spécial pour vous deux ou de simples nombres qui ont une certaine signification.

20. Un tatouage père-fille sur le thème de Skyrim

Crédit : @manakinskywalker

We’re ending the article with one of the coolest tattoos we’ve ever seen – a matching Skyrim tattoo for a father-daughter duo obsessed with video games. Whether you and your pops love playing video games, watching movies, or playing a specific sport, you can always opt for a tattoo motif that represents that.

Ceci étant dit, bonne chance pour trouver votre propre version de ces tatouages père-fille !