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20 Captivating Geometric Tattoos That Are Right On Point

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Structural and almost strict-looking, geometric tattoos are gaining in popularity each day. A combination of different shapes, lines, and sizes makes them so irresistible and appealing.

Even though some designs tend to look simple, we’re still talking about meaningful tattoos that are usually much more than meets the eye. If you want to become a proud owner of one, take a look at the following designs. Maybe you’ll find something that sparks your interest.

1. A “Be kind, do good” tattoo

Credit: jadyntattooer

This tattoo has it all: from the skull which acts as the main decoration to the quote that gives it meaning. On top of that, a ton of lines and circular shapes give this design that well-known geometrical feel you’re looking for.

2. A naturalistic tattoo

Credit: judz.ttt

You can even opt for a naturalistic tattoo and make it fit your aesthetic. In the end, you’ll end up with an almost delicate-looking design that has a lot to offer.

3. A floral tattoo

Credit: kylechelin_houseofink

Who says that floral tattoos don’t look good when done in a geometrical style? Here you can see how some simple geometrical details can change the overall feel of the tattoo and give it a completely different vibe.

4. A lion tattoo

Credit: judz.ttt

If you’d like a combination of round, rectangular, and linear shapes together with an animal, this king of the animal world could be exactly what you’re looking for. With a futuristic and almost architectural feel, this tattoo may be your cup of tea.

5. A compass tattoo

Credit: judz.ttt

If you’re an avid traveler and love to spend time exploring the world around you, this tattoo is exactly what you need. A combination of compass, nature, and sharp lines is what gives this design just enough of those geometrical vibes without overdoing it.

6. A mountain tattoo

Credit: judz.ttt

The mountain peaks engraved inside of the hexagons are another solution if you’re obsessed with nature and love spending time breathing in the fresh air. This design shows you what you can achieve with simple geometrical shapes. And the best part is that you won’t end up with a boring tattoo.

7. A Tree of Life tattoo

Credit: ik_tatz

This is probably one of the most popular designs when it comes to geometrical tattoos. As a symbol of growth, strength, and stability, this tattoo has all it takes to take your breath away.

8. A moth tattoo

Credit: boratattoo

Moths represent transformation and change and they’re a great option if you feel like you’re no longer the same person you used to be. Add some geometrical elements to it and you’ll end up with a unique take on this seemingly simple idea.

9. An eagle tattoo

Credit: ravenhearttattoo

An interesting thing about this design is the realization that the eagle is made of different geometrical shapes. So, if you’re truly in love with this tattoo style then you’ll fall head over heels with this design.

10. Triangles and other shapes

Credit: jadyntattooer

An easy solution is to play with different shapes and sizes and that way, get a simple and minimalistic geometrical tattoo that won’t be overpowering to look at. A great thing about this is that you can give your design any meaning you want and make it more personal.

11. Circles and lines

Credit: eleonora.cercato

This design plays with circles and lines which may sound boring. But, a combination of different thicknesses gives this tattoo a unique look that isn’t lame at all.

12. A collection of circles


Who would’ve thought that you could get something so impressive and special only by tattooing different-sized circles? This design proves just how unique geometrical tattoos tend to be when you find a tattoo artist skilled at this style.

13. A fine-line geometric tattoo

Credit: ten_pen_chi_tattoo

This tattoo combines a fine-line style with a geometrical one and leaves you with a stunning collection of all these different shapes that work together to create one cohesive design. The idea may sound simple but you can clearly see just how many details it takes to end up with a piece like this.

14. A skull tattoo

Credit: leelanetattoo

Skulls are a common motif among tattoo enthusiasts but we’re sure you usually don’t associate them with geometrical style. Well, you’ll certainly change your mind once you take a closer look at this design.

15. Geometrical sleeve

Credit: tattoosbyeloise

Mandala tattoos are also considered to be geometrical thanks to the vast combination of different shapes. If you’re feeling brave enough, you can get this sleeve tattoo that will certainly steal the attention of everyone who gets a glimpse of your new ink.

16. An array of hexagons

Credit: loons_tattoo

This is another idea on how you can opt for one geometrical element and repeat its shape on the skin. In the end, you get a really cool tattoo that not only looks impressive but can have any meaning you want.

17. A mandala-style tattoo


This is a smaller mandala piece that’s equally as impressive as any bigger design. With such intricate detail work, you’ll love every inch of your new tattoo more than you can imagine.

18. An illusion tattoo

Credit: kindalindatattoo

This design feels like an illusion but there’s nothing fake about it. A combination of different geometrical shapes can leave you with this amazing piece of art that everyone will ask you questions about.

19. A pop of color

Credit: wilsonjrtattoo

Geometrical tattoos tend to be black and gray but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add some color to your design. This is an idea of how you can get a vibrant tattoo that fits this specific tattoo style.

20. An abstract geometrical tattoo


A combination of abstract and geometrical techniques may seem odd but to some of you, it could be exactly what you’re looking for. You have to admit that it looks cool and different – two adjectives that are desirable in the tattoo world.