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24 Stunning Matching Couple Tattoos You’ll Want To See

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Have you always wanted to do something special with your partner? Allow me to present you with 24 stunning ideas for matching couple tattoos to get with your special one.

Not only they will last forever, as your love for each other, but they are also incredibly cute. These tattoos will serve as a perpetual connection between the two of you, I am sure you will want to get them as soon as possible.

1. Hands on hands

Credit: tavi_tattoo

Beautiful fine-line ink art for you and your lover is a really special way to honor your love. Two hands, each showing a pinky finger, symbolize giving your word to your partner on your loyalty and respect. You can even incorporate dates that have a special meaning for you. I am sure you will love this one as much as I do.

2. My missing piece

Credit: tattoobysofia

This amazing tattoo shows a real human heart with a puzzle piece inscribed with the word “you”. It symbolizes eternal love and signifies your commitment to never letting go, always holding onto your partner. You can even add different words or numbers to that puzzle that hold special meaning for your relationship.

3. Ghost matching couple tattoos

Credit: rune.13

This is not just another love tattoo that fades away; it’s a depiction of two super sweet ghosts deeply in love. While ghosts, moon, and bats may give off Halloween vibes, they are not here to trick you but to treat you. Also, hve you spotted that little kitty held by the female ghost and what seems to be a cup of coffee in the hand of the male ghost? Too sweet!

4. Forever & ever

Credit: nancy_makeup_and_tattoo_artist

The infinity sign has almost become a tradition for many couples to get, and I definitely understand why. It is simple yet powerful as it shows the endless love that you and your partner have for each other. If you love smaller, more subtle tattoos, I think these could be perfect matching couple tattoos to get.

5. Cartoon love

Credit: bahableeds

Do you and your loved one like cartoons? If you just answered yes then this matching tattoo featuring Pepe Le Pew is the right choice. It is fun and playful while still symbolizing the love for your significant other. I would say this one is very original and not something you are used to seeing.

6. Matching tattoos 4 you

Credit: vanityink.bym

If you are not familiar with 444 meaning, then what rock have you been living under? 444 is an angel number that stands for love and guidance from your angels. In terms of relationships, 444 signifies a healthy bond with your other half. It reassures you that you are on the right path and that angels are by your side. Wow, how incredible that is!

7. Beautiful matching wolf tattoos

Credit: gruntinstattoo

We all know how wolves are strong and determined, so getting matching wolf tattoos as a couple is an incredible way to pay tribute to the love in your relationship. The Wolf tattoo symbolizes loyalty and integrity, so if you decide to get a tattoo similar to this one, you will be making the right choice. Just be as determined as a wolf and don’t ever give up on your love.

8. Gorgeous rose couple tattoos

Credit: inkbyanna_

This delicate rose-matching couple tattoo is such a gorgeous way to appreciate the emotions you have for your loved one. It is a simple, fine-line tattoo you can place on your hands or anywhere else you like. Roses have always been associated with love and romance and this is no exception. It does not get more romantic than this!

9. To infinity and beyond


Isn’t it amazing how tattoos can be both mini yet deeply meaningful! I absolutely adore this one! It is exceptional, the little rocket and a planet. Most of us believe the universe is infinite and ever-expanding and I hope your love is too. There is nothing more to say about this particular tattoo; the picture says it all. Love—to infinity and beyond!

10. Heart-shaped matching couple tattoos


Two hands when put close together in a certain way create a heart just like these two little, fine-line matching couple tattoos that you and your partner should get. Love is all we need and love is so important, right? A small matching tattoo is just a tiny way of showing the love you and your partner share.

11. Till death do us part

Credit: sebastian_tattoo

If the previous tattoos were too cute for you and your significant other, I have something a bit more dark yet still imbued with the same meaning. Usually, skulls represent death and mystery, but in this case, they represent eternal love. So, even when this life ends, you and your partner will continue to love each other. Because unlike our bodies, our love can be immortal.

12. Butterfly matching couple tattoos

Credit: beit.elhenna

Butterflies represent the delicacy and beauty of love. As this tattoo shows, no matter where, these two butterflies are meant to be together and make one whole. I would say butterfly-matching couple tattoos are always a great choice because they have very nice symbolism, and you can’t go wrong with them.

13. Unique sun & moon tattoos

Credit: beit.elhenna

These sun & moon matching tattoos are truly unique and interesting. They might not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering a matching couple tattoos, but they are undeniably fascinating. Sun and moon tattoos represent the cycle of life and love is something that happens in everyone’s life. This just might be something you will wish to share with your loved one.

14. Pinky promise

Credit: gunpoint_tattoostudio

Check out this simple, mini matching tattoo idea the leg! Remember when we were kids and pinky swears were considered the highest form of promises? In some cultures, breaking a pinky promise means risking your pinky finger being cut off in return. I would not be playing around with these! Jokes aside, I think they are beautiful and incredibly meaningful. No better promise to your partner than a good old pinky one!

15. Cute matching couple tattoos

Credit: tattooss.alkaya

Matching couple tattoos are so sweet and fun, and this one is particularly fun. Just look at these two little hearts hugging and keeping each other safe. Isn’t that something we all want from our relationship? We want our partner to feel like home, someone we can always turn to. Love must feel warm and committed, and this little tattoo perfectly captures that feeling.

16. Keep your promise

Credit: xavierntattooink

This stunning rib tattoo is hidden most of the time, adding to its sense of privacy, much like the relationship and love shared with your partner. These might be a little more painful to get because of their placement, but I think they are so worth it. Plus, the pop of color is a delightful touch. Promise your love forever and write it down—on yourself.

17. Incredible fine line couple tattoos


This simple yet amazing fine-line matching couple tattoo is a great way to symbolize your eternal love and the connection you share with your partner. The string of love is held in the palms of both your and your partner’s hands. You decide if it is going to stay whole forever. Work on your love and be gentle. The world can sometimes be so cruel and harsh, but your love doesn’t have to be!

18. Mini matching couple tattoos

Credit: ohlolatattooart

Here’s another more sun and the moon arm matching couple tattoo. This one is even smaller and more simple. The sun represents lighter and, more feminine energy, while the moon represents darker, more masculine energy. These two kind of mixed the colors, almost like yin and yang, balancing out everything. Just as love is supposed to work—with balance and compromise. This tattoo could be a great idea to get with your partner. It is so symbolic and actually really deep if you think about it.

19. Him & her

Credit: simstattoo08

This tattoo is similar to the one you have already seen, but it looks more intimate since it is closer and the string is a lot shorter. Whether you choose this option or the one I have shown you before, the meaning remains the same—it’s just a matter of preference. Love is what keeps us going, and it is the most beautiful thing in the world. Don’t you agree?

20. You have the keys to my heart

Credit: skull_deco_tattoo_and_piercing

Your partner already has the keys to your heart, am I right? So why not get a matching tattoo that shows exactly that? It can be done on the foot like the one in the picture above, or you can place it anywhere you want. It is truly remarkable.

21. Trendy finger matching couple tattoos

Credit: annaeidenberg

A finger matching tattoo is obviously one of the trendiest things right now, and there are so many options to choose from. This particular one shows you a ring-like tattoo, perfect to get with your spouse instead of actual rings if you are not into them. And even if you love rings, this tattoo is something you can have forever without worrying about losing or damaging it. You’ve got to love this one!

22. Newlyweds

Credit: hontattoostudio

A “Mr. & Mrs.” tattoo could also be a great for couples who are just getting married, so instead of wedding rings, you could get wedding, matching tattoos. Whenever you look at your hand, you will think of your loved one. Even if you are not newlyweds, this tattoo is perfect for couples who want to get matching tattoos. It is elegant and classy.

23. Powerful king & queen matching tattoos


When you think of kings and queens, you think of power. You can showcase the power of your love and relationship by getting matching king and queen crowns on your fingers. So tiny yet so meaningful. If you are a girl, you are your man’s queen, and if you are a guy, you are her king. There is no one more important in your partner’s life than you. Isn’t that something we all want?

24. Squirrel matching couple tattoos

Credit: blackdahliaink

In the end, I am presenting you these little, adorable squirrel matching couple tattoos to show that love tattoos don’t have to contain conventional signs or symbols to feel special. You choose what best describes your love for each other and you listen to your heart, as you always should.

Matching couple tattoos are a great way to appreciate and honor the love you and your partner have for each other. They can be unique or more conventional, depending on what you like and prefer. Whatever you choose, you won’t be wrong—just let your heart lead you!