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20 Game-Changing New School Tattoos Inspired By Comic Art

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New school tattoos are everything but basic. The combination of bright colors, amplified features, and graffiti-art vibes will leave you with a design that will definitely get noticed.

This tattoo style is eye-catching and almost has that youngster vibe. It’s definitely something different and appropriate for the brave ones. So, if you’re feeling courageous, you may fall in love with some of these ideas.

1. An hourglass tattoo

Credit: family_art_tattoo

Even the most simple objects can be adjusted to fit this tattoo style. As you can see, this hourglass tattoo is probably different from everything you’ve already seen. That’s one of the perks of this technique and is a great idea if you’re looking for that unique feel.

2. A hornet tattoo

Credit: jin_qchoi

Thanks to the new school style, this isn’t your regular hornet tattoo. Decorated with vibrant colors and exaggerated features, it has all it takes to steal the show.

3. A bee tattoo

Credit: _ninotoon_

This design shows just how cartoonish this tattoo style tends to look. It feels as if you’re getting a tattoo of a cartoon character which is definitely fun. But that’s exactly why so many people don’t feel ready to commit to this technique.

4. A Pokemon tattoo

Credit: theshiroosh

If you’re a die-hard fan of the Pokemon then it would be a great idea to get one of your favorite characters done in the new school style. That way, it will be easy to accentuate certain features and get a bold tattoo that will stand out on your skin.

5. A Sponge Bob tattoo

Credit: laszlopalitattoos

This tattoo is a perfect representation of the new school style. A fun combination of bright colors and a cheerful design allows you to get one of the most coolest Sponge Bob tattoos ever.

6. A frog tattoo

Credit: cayokun

As you can see, everything looks like a part of a cartoon with this tattoo technique. So, you can easily have fun with any symbol you like, making it appear more relaxed and amusing.

7. A pony tattoo

Credit: leahmoule

Have you always dreamed of having a pony tattoo? Well, this technique will make all of your childhood dreams come true. If only the little you could see what you get to carry on your body now.

8. A Teddy bear tattoo

Credit: vincent_bloodline

Among all of the design ideas we’ve already given you, this one is probably the most subtle one. That’s how crazy this tattoo technique tends to be. If you’d like to give it a try but don’t feel completely ready, this could be the solution for you.

9. A Smurfette tattoo

Credit: yer_tattoo

As a style that creates cartoonish designs, it’s a great idea to use it to celebrate your favorite cartoon characters. That’s the case with this Smurfette tattoo. It’s fun, colorful, and noticeable – the three adjectives that describe this technique perfectly.

10. A Homer tattoo

Credit: joshhermantattoo

If you always loved the Simpsons and had a strong preference for Homer, you’ll be obsessed with this design. It’s definitely out there so if you’re not ready to become known for your tattoo, you should reconsider your decision.

11. A fairy tattoo

Credit: sugarbombtattoos

Even a simple-looking fairy can be given a completely different look if you opt for a new school style. Suddenly, it becomes more noticeable and differs from every other fairy-like tattoo you’ve ever seen.

12. A trippy tattoo

Credit: jeffsaunderstattoo

If you’re not willing to get a tattoo of your favorite character, you can always opt for something more meaningful and play with its design. This design in particular could represent burnout most of us go through in life. Does it sound like something you would engrave on your skin?

13. A cactus tattoo

Credit: scottymunster

Or, what about a fun cactus? This tattoo could symbolize all sorts of things: from your adventurous spirit to the importance of nature in your life. You can give it any meaning you want while keeping it looking extremely relaxed.

14. A spider tattoo

Credit: fleon7

Even a simple spider tattoo could be given a completely different look with this technique. As a result, you’ll get this striking spider that’s anything but boring.

15. A lion tattoo

Credit: spendlotattoo

Are you thinking of getting a lion tattoo? Are you looking for something completely different and one-of-a-kind? Well, this tattoo ticks all the boxes for you. It plays with the traditional lion design and makes it feel like a main character in an animated movie. Does that sound like your cup of tea?

16. A kitty tattoo

Credit: _poop_taker

Even if you’re looking for a tattoo that will honor your cat, you can achieve it with this technique. That way, you’ll get a chance to celebrate your furry friend in the most unique way possible.

17. A coconut tattoo

Credit: klark_tattoo

A simple coconut tattoo could look vibrant and different thanks to the new school style. As long as you’re looking for something that’s not common and traditional, you won’t go wrong with this technique.

18. A pineapple tattoo


This is a quirky pineapple, getting ready to enjoy those hot summer nights. As long as you’re willing to experiment with your tattoos and wear something fun on your body, you’ll be good to go.

19. A taco tattoo

Credit: jonaintdead

When you’re already opting for a fun and risky tattoo style, you can take things to the next level with a fun tattoo such as this one. Perfect for food lovers, you’ll get hungry each time you look at your new ink.

20. A pizza tattoo

Credit: 82tattoo

Or, if you’re willing to have fun with your design, you could get this crazy-looking pizza tattoo that’s a definition of quirkiness. Completely out there, we know it’s for the brave ones. Now, the real question is if you’re willing to do it.