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22 Panther Tattoo Ideas That Are Absolutely “Grrreat”

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With a wide variety of tattoo styles and motifs, you might be struggling to decide what’s best for your aesthetic. Whether you opt for a minimalist tattoo driven by simple, clean lines or a larger-than-life statement tattoo, you need to be sure of your choice. What do you think of panther tattoos?

Although animal tattoos are always on-trend, especially if you’re opting for a tattoo of your beloved pet, certain animal motifs reign supreme. With sleek lines, a dramatic posture, and a facial expression that makes your blood boil, a panther tattoo seems to be on top of all trends, at all times.

After all, panthers are an excellent choice for first-time tattooers and experienced ink enthusiasts. Why? Panthers are wearable and versatile, and they’re associated with power, freedom, and courage. When choosing the right panther for your next inking, throw a glance at our top picks.

1. A traditional panther on the forearm

Credit: @sauravtattoos

You can’t go more traditional than a traditional panther tattoo! Whether you opt for a black and gray depiction of a panther crawling on your body or come up with a color combination that works with your vibe, you can’t go wrong with a rad, roaring panther.

2. A panther head with a dagger

Credit: @lindseyoneda

You might not be the biggest fan of traditional tattoos, but you’re about to become one. With a traditional panther head, you need to think of elements, styles, and symbols that will complement the final design. While a dagger might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s the perfect addition.

3. A panther with flowers

Credit: @plattooer

A panther represents power, progress, and prosperity, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t amplify or completely change the meaning with a few tweaks. Add your favorite flowers to the final design and sway the meaning to romance, passion, and romantic power.

4. A three-headed panther

Credit: @ezratattoos

What about a three-headed panther tattoo? A panther with three heads typically represents the embodiment of power, wisdom, and mystical knowledge, but there are other three-headed creatures that represent different meanings, too.

5. A black panther with red hearts

Credit: @laurencaldwelltattoo

What’s great about a panther tattoo seems to be the fact that you get to play with diferent styles, symbols, and elements even when you opt for a more traditional tattoo. A panther with red hearts, for example, might represent your passion, romantic prowess, or power.

6. A black panther with skulls

Credit: @ambercadaver

A panther with skulls, on the other hand, might represent the death of traits and qualities we typically associate with panthers. With that in mind, though, a panther with skulls can also represent that fact that you’re not afraid of death and you’re ready to embrace it with open hands.

7. A black panther with yellow flowers

Credit: @bentrail_art

A panther with flowers might be one of the most common motifs, and for a good reason, too. The meaning behind the tattoo can change depending on the type of flower you opt for. The color of the flower can affect the meaning, too.

Yellow flowers, for example, represent friendship, support, and happiness.

8. A panther tattoo on the wrist

Credit: @simone_mariotti

When you decide to get a panther tattoo, you need to figure out the perfect placement for your kitty cat. While upper arm and forearm tattoos take the cake, wrist and hand tattoos are equally eye-catching. With a wrist tattoo, you can go a little smaller and save some time and energy, too.

9. A panther tattoo on the upper arm

Credit: @erica_tats

Upper arm tattoos are popular for a reason, and we’re more than happy to talk about them. With a panther on your upper arm, you can experiment with different styles and symbols because you’re working with plenty of real estate.

10. A panther with a rope around its neck


When working on the final design of your panther tattoo, you might want to explore different elements that can amplify or completely change the meaning of your tattoo. A panther with a rope around its neck might mean that you escaped death recently and you want to celebrate your life, for example.

11. A panther with a snake


Why not add a sneaky little snake to your tattoo? A snake tattoo can represent your journey of transformation, your fight to stay on top of everything, and your commitment to becoming the best version of yourself.

12. A black and gray panther and dagger combination

Credit: @van_eijndhoven

A panther and a dagger seem to be quite a common tattoo motif, too. A panther with a dagger can represent betrayal, loss, and danger, but the same motif can be seen as a symbol of protection, sacrifice, and bravery, too. A black and gray version seems to be more popular, too.

13. A colorful panther and dagger combination

Credit: @martianrock249

If black and gray tattoos aren’t your thing, you might want to opt for a colorful (or at least colored) tattoo. It’s a great way for you to come up with a color combination that works with the rest of your tattoos or reflects your aesthetic.

14. A black and gray panther tattoo on the wrist


Another day, another panther on the wrist! Whether you opt for a panther tattoo on the finger, the wrist, or the hand, you can come up with a smaller, simpler design that won’t take too much time, effort, or energy.

15. A black panther tattoo on the hip

Credit: @kingdominktattoo

What about a hip tattoo? When picking the perfect placement for your partner, don’t shy away from experimenting with a bigger, bolder space where you can go all out. A hip tattoo will provide you and your tattoo artist with more real estate to play with.

16. A panther ripping through hearts

Credit: @cassietattoos

A panther ripping through two hears might be a specific style, but you get the bigger picture. At the end of the day, a panther tattoo doesn’t need to be basic and boring – you can tell an entire story with your tattoo and learn (and heal!) from your experience.

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17. A panther and tiger combination

Credit: @straydogstattoo

Struggling to choose between a panther and a tiger? We’re aware that big cats have big fans in the tattoo community and that’s why we’re bringing you an awesome solution – get a tattoo of both of them combined and see what happens.

18. A panther tattoo on the shoulder

Credit: @moonpartytattoos

A panther tattoo on the shoulder? Absolutely! Panthers are wearable and versatile, and that’s why they’re on top of trends although they’re quite different from all the “modern” tattoo styles. A traditional panther on the shoulder might be the right choice for you, too.

19. A black panther spewing fire

Credit: @sini__tattooer

When in doubt, go with a tattoo of a black panther spewing fire. Whether you’re trying to get the sickest tattoo you’ve ever seen or pay homage to all the hardships you’ve endured, you can’t go wrong with a black panther embellished with a flame or two.

20. A black panther with hearts on the upper arm

Credit: @dridri_ink

We already mentioned that you can add hearts to your panther tattoo, but we failed to underline that you don’t need to make them red. If black and gray tattoos are more your style, it’s completely fine for you to stick with the basics and get a tattoo that works better with your aesthetic.

21. A black panther with roses

Credit: @ese_kage

A black panther with roses? Awesome idea! A rose tattoo typically represents romance and love which means that your panther represents your romantic power and prowess.

22. A classic panther tattoo

Credit: @marva.tattoos

You can’t go wrong with a classic panther tattoo, can you? Whether you’re getting a tattoo for the first time or adding to a growing collection of animal tattoos, you truly can’t mess up the classics.