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20 Epic Red Dragon Tattoo Ideas You’ll Be Obsessed With

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Having a red dragon tattoo is nothing short of epic. Whichever design you choose, it just can’t look bad. There are so many options, and each one is uniquely beautiful. Some are more intimidating, while others are so adorable that you’ll end up feeling sad you can’t pet a dragon right away!

But on top of being aesthetically pleasing, red dragon tattoos have a special hidden meaning.

Being strong creatures, red dragons exude power and viciousness. Their ability to breathe fire further emphasizes their fierceness and desire to both destroy and defend. Additionally, the color red is associated with bravery and passion. With such rich symbolism, you’re even more tempted to get the tattoo, aren’t you?

If so, let these designs inspire you to embrace your fierce and heroic self!

1. Embracing your vigilante fantasies

Caption: mama_ink_management

You must have heard of the Japanese kitsune foxes. These mythical creatures have the desire to punish those who do bad deeds. And they manage to do that thanks to their ability to turn into humans.

If you decide to have a red dragon tattoo alongside this trickster fox, you probably see the world as a place that needs to be saved. And I’m here to tell you that you have the power to do that, even if it doesn’t feel that way. Let this tattoo help you tap into that inner strength!

2. Yin and yang red dragon tattoo

Caption: Amiratattooss

We’re aware that yin and yang symbolize existing opposites, but what do these differently colored dragons represent?

Well, as stated in the beginning, the red dragon is seen as a harbinger of good luck. A black dragon, on the other hand, is more vindictive. It has no mercy and takes whatever it wants.

You are probably fighting your very own demons, so getting this black and red dragon tattoo might help you come to terms with your struggle.

3. Black and red merge

Caption: koizhou_tattooist

This tattoo is quite similar to the previous one, only with the exclusion of the yin and yang symbol. In this photo, the dragons face each other boldly with no boundary between them.

If you choose to get this tattoo, it will serve as a reminder that it’s okay to acknowledge your flaws and imperfections. Embrace your humanity, validate yourself, and use this exquisite tattoo as inspiration to work on improving yourself.

4. A mini red dragon tattoo

Caption: Tiaani.riches_tattoos

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to get this cute little tattoo? Do we even need a special reason? Look at him! I bet he could be tamed in no time!

If you opt for this cute red dragon tattoo on your forearm, I bet you’ll look 100 times more approachable!

5. A cute flower offering

Caption: Inkedbymars

I don’t know about you, but I am melting, vanishing! It is literally a tiny dragon bringing you flowers! And in a basket! So polite.

If you’ve ever fantasized about having a dragon as a pet, this friendly-looking red dragon tattoo might be the perfect choice for you.

6. Ready to attack

Caption: Lauren__tattoo

Now, this fierce red dragon tattoo definitely wouldn’t let anyone harm you. It’s prepared to defend its precious owner.

Each intricately detailed scale and determined expression exudes strength and protection, serving as a symbol of unwavering loyalty and courage.

7. An invisible red dragon

Caption: lyphamtattoo

If you want to feel like a badass, but not necessarily look like one in front of others, a red dragon tattoo on your upper thigh is perfect for you.

After all what matters is the effect a tattoo has on you. And this one will surely help you embrace your inner power.

8. A real-life looking dragon

Caption: blacklynee

I love this one too! The color makes it blend seamlessly with the skin. So, if you want your tattoo to appear more natural and less like a tattoo, this might be perfect for you.

9. A red dragon tattoo and a red sun

Caption: kayagardentattoo

Shoulder tattoos somehow always look the coolest to me. Especially red dragon shoulder tattoos!

This tattoo is especially beautiful because it contains other symbols as well, like the red sun. What does it mean? Well, I say, it means whatever you want it to mean. To me, it represents the power of the red dragon to transform even the sun itself!

Additionally, there are some black lines included, which provide a nice contrast and enhance the overall magnificence of the image.

10. A tiny dragon on your partial sleeve saying hi


Doesn’t he look like he’s greeting us? The sweet and delicate look of this tattoo is bound to capture anyone’s attention. The gentle colors and, dare I say, the attitude of the red dragon will definitely put you in a good mood as soon as you glance down at your partial sleeve.

11. Red dragon entangled in a flower

Caption: mama_ink_management

The red dragon, and a flower as gigantic as the creature itself, is an image you can’t fail to be impressed by. The contrasting connotations will leave you wondering about its meaning.

Is it a dragon abandoning its nature and becoming tame? Who knows!

12. A guardian on your back

Caption: tattoobygiovanni

A gigantic red dragon tattoo covering your whole back is a perfect choice for anyone wanting to look powerful. The dragon is already intimidating enough, but once it inhabits your largest body part, it looks extra scary.

So, if your desire is to look strong and mysterious, I would recommend this one.

13. Becoming one with a red dragon

Caption: tanika_tattoos

Being located on the neck, facing forward, this tattoo looks especially intriguing. It seems as if the dragon is connected to your being, almost like a second persona. You speak, and he breathes fire at the same time.

If you want to feel like a mysterious two-headed mythological creature, this red dragon tattoo seems like a great choice.

14. A red dragon tattoo on your shin

Caption: Anna_tattooss

If you want your red dragon tattoo to be less imposing, consider getting it on your shin or other low body parts. It may not be as noticeable at first, but it still gives you goosebumps as soon as you do notice it.

15. A blossoming red dragon tattoo


This partial sleeve tattoo screams gentleness. A dragon entangled in three large flowers gives the tattoo a delicate appearance. Beyond its beauty, it contains symbolism: the fusion of something scary and fragile, creating a truly unique image.

If you want a meaningful red dragon tattoo, what’s better than this?

16. A sharp red dragon tattoo

Caption: prianatatink

This is one of the coolest ones for me! The strong red and black colors intensify the fierceness the dragon already has. If you tend to imagine yourself as a warrior in fantasy worlds, getting this epic tattoo would stimulate your imagination even more!

17. Watch out for the claws!

Caption: naleak_tattoo

This red dragon tattoo on the stomach exudes readiness for battle! It looks incredibly striking, making it an ideal choice if you want your tattoo to be noticeable.

18. An intimate moment with a red dragon

Caption: tattoosbyartfulalex

I find this one particularly beautiful because the dragon isn’t facing the observer but rather the person with the tattoo. Getting this red dragon tattoo might make you feel like you’re communicating with a dragon! Wouldn’t that be a dream come true?

19. A red dragon between your breasts

Caption: metamorphosistania

This tattoo placement looks exceptionally stunning. Positioned close to your heart, it will make you feel more powerful and attractive than ever before!

20. A red dragon on the back of your neck

Caption: yeti_steps

This is a very practical tattoo placement. If you don’t want your tattoo to be seen, just let your hair down, and if you’re in the mood to show it off, put it in a bun! Pretty nice, right?

To all my fellow dragon lovers, I wholeheartedly encourage your fantasies. Whether you dream of being a dragon owner or a dragon slayer, you can find the perfect tattoo fit for yourself here—or at least find inspiration.

One thing is for sure: once you discover your perfect red dragon tattoo, it will boost your confidence and make you feel like you can take over the world. So, hurry up and make a decision!