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Trident Tattoo Meanings And The 23 Most Alluring Ink Ideas

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When you’re on the hunt for the perfect tattoo motif for your next inking appointment, consider getting a trident tattoo. Trident tattoos are believed to hold divine power, and they’re a go-to source of ink inspiration for people who love all things mythology and mysticism. What are the common trident tattoo meanings?

The symbol of the trident can carry many meanings, but it’s said to have originated from ancient Roman mythology and is most closely associated with the god of the seas, Neptune. The trident is believed to be a powerful tool that can protect people from negative energy and evil spirits, as well as create earthly disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, and storms. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite trident tattoos down below.

1. A trident tattoo on the ankle

Credit: @soychapa

Ankle tattoos have been making rounds on the streets for as long as we can remember, and trident tattoos are a great way for you to take part in the trend, too. A trident tattoo on the ankle will make you look and feel great, and will not sag or stretch with time.

2. A trident tattoo on the back

Credit: @tarikcelk

A trident tattoo on the back might be right for you, too. Whether you’re thinking of getting a bigger, bolder tattoo or playing with the placement of the tattoo, a back tattoo will offer you plenty of real estate to work with.

3. A trident tattoo on the back of the arm

Credit: @camtatt

Trident tattoos represent power, potential, and even prosperity, and that’s something you might want to show off to the entire world. If that’s the case, consider getting a trident tattoo on your arm and rocking a sleeveless look throughout the warmer days.

4. A trident tattoo with a two-headed sea monster

Credit: @red_jesus19

Trident tattoos are quite epic and eye-catching as they are, but you can make them even more enthralling by embellishing them with different symbols and elements. Whether you opt for a two-headed sea monster, a snake, or even a fish, you can amplify or completely change the meaning of the tattoo.

5. A traditional trident tattoo

Credit: @dr.crimeboy

What about a traditional trident tattoo? Traditional tattoos are defined by clean, black outlines, bold lines, and a design that’s typically big and bold. Whether you opt for a colored traditional tattoo or a black one, you can count on leaving the tattoo parlor with a work of art on your body.

6. A trident tattoo with a compass

Credit: @slickphillips_art

Why not complete the final design of your trident tattoo with a compass? A compass represents guidance, protection, and direction, and it’s a common tattoo motif among people who like to travel.

7. A trident tattoo with waves

Credit: @alohasaltlake

When in doubt, get a trident tattoo with waves. Waves are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they represent nature, all things ocean, dreams, love, friendship, and a myriad of meanings you’re not ready to hear about.

8. A trident tattoo on the thigh

Credit: @ta2hooligan

If you’re itching to get a statement tattoo, you might be interested in exploring the wondrous world of thigh tattoos. It might sound silly, but thigh tattoos are popular because they’re hidden away for the most part and they’re a great placement for people who are afraid of not liking their tattoo in the end.

9. A trident tattoo on the upper arm


With a trident tattoo on your upper arm, though, you can count on the entire world seeing it and commenting on it. Opt for a simple design that doesn’t take away from the beauty of the trident and you’re good to go.

10. A hand-poked trident tattoo

Credit: @halfbackwards

Hand-poked tattoos are becoming more and more popular, and for a good reason, too. They’re much more meaningful than machine tattoos. They’re seen as symbols of health, birth, death, religion, and religious rituals.

11. A colored trident tattoo

Credit: @hectorag_tattoo

Black and gray tattoos are almost always on-trend, but colored tattoos deserve the time of your day, too. With a trident tattoo, you can add colorful waves to make the final design pop or play with different elements that work wonderfully with your aesthetic.

12. A sleek and simple trident tattoo

Credit: @jontibalbuena

With that in mind, though, you can’t go wrong with a sleek and simple trident tattoo. Whether you opt for a forearm tattoo, a hand tattoo, or even a finger tattoo, be mindful of the fact that your trident will be on display at all times. Opt for a design you will not regret down the line.

13. A soft and subtle trident tattoo

Credit: @simikosart

We can say the same thing about a soft and subtle trident tattoo. Blackwork tattoos, for example, toy with sharp, crisp lines and *a lot* of black ink which might not be the vibe you’re going for. Fine-line tattoos, dotwork tattoos, and even gray wash tattoos are a lot more subtle.

14. A tattoo of a trident and a snake on the back

Credit: @rinktattooz

Back tattoos can be whatever you want them to be, and that’s what makes them awesome. Whether you opt for a bigger, bolder piece that stretches across the entire back or a smaller, simpler ink that embellishes a part of your back, you can still make your point.

15. A trident tattoo with tentacles

Credit: @s0phiefoxtattoos

What do you think of tentacle tattoos? Trident tattoos are associated with the sea (or the ocean), and there’s no surprise that they’re oftentimes completed with sea monsters, waves, shells, and similar symbols that go with the theme. tentacles might be a great option to consider, too.

16. A small trident tattoo on the leg

Credit: @a.re__tattoo

A small trident tattoo with a splash of water will make all your Roman mythology dreams come true! Place it on your leg, ankle, or even your knee, and see what happens!

17. A trident tattoo with a sand dollar

Credit: @hadley.draws.badly

Sand dollar tattoos typically represent wealth and abundance, and they’re a great way to complete your tattoo without going all out. A trident tattoo with a simple sand dollar will amplify the meaning of your tattoo and make the final design stand out.

18. A trident tattoo with two carp fish

Credit: @luwon_tattooer

What about carp fish? Whether you want to pay homage to your Zodiac sign (we see you, Pisces!) or play with ocean-themed elements and embellishments, you truly can’t go wrong with a trident tattoo and a fish of your liking.

19. A gold trident tattoo with a skull

Credit: @jiro_painter

We danced around the possibility of you getting a colored tattoo, but what do you think of gold tattoos? Work with your tattoo artist and come up with a design that will make it seem like your trident is shiny and sparkly. What could go wrong?

20. A simple trident tattoo on the thigh

Credit: @yuihwa____

Thigh tattoos aren’t reserved for bright and bold works of art. With a simple and sleek trident tattoo on your thigh, you can remind yourself of everything you’re capable of and move on with your day with a smile on your face.

21. A fine-line trident tattoo


When you decide to bite the bullet and get a trident tattoo, don’t shy away from taking your sweet time picking the perfect tattoo artist. Choose one who works with styles you’re comfortable with and see whether you can come up with a tattoo that represents who you are. We *love* the squiggly lines and the shading in this tattoo!

22. A dotwork trident tattoo

Credit: @jayway_tattoo

If softer, more subtle tattoos are your thing, you might be interested in getting a dotwork tattoo. The dotwork tattoo style is created by inking a series of dots that come together to create the desired image. Dotwork tattoos are typically lighter than blackwork tattoos.

23. A trident tattoo with smoke

Credit: @graycodetattoo

We’re ending the article with quite a smokeshow! A trident tattoo with squiggles of smoke around it will make you feel like a million dollars. After all, it’s up to you to come up with a design that makes you feel like you can’t wait to get it tattooed on your body.