160+ Unique Semicolon Tattoo Ideas with Meaning

Semicolon tattoo is gaining popularity and thus demand of unique semicolon tattoo ideas are growing with time. Here you will find about placement & cost.

Semicolon tattoo is gaining popularity these days because it is simple yet possess powerful meaning. It’s simply unique tattoo that can catch your attention at first sight immediately. The most interesting thing about these kind of tattoo is placement; you can place virtually anywhere, like between the fingers or behind the ear. Most of the people might have imagined that semi-colon tattoo being for those who love language, grammar or code, but there is far more depth in the meaning of tattoo.

Unique Semicolon Tattoo Ideas with Meaning

In this article, we collected some unique semicolon tattoo ideas 2018. We have picked, best tattoo designs which will help you to make quick decisions. Below we have mentioned a few examples of semicolon tattoo on wrist, neck, shoulders, between the figures, etc.

Semicolon Tattoo Meaning and its Origin

Once there is a movement called “Project Semicolon” that started to raise awareness about mental health issues & illness including suicidal thoughts. Many people see semicolon tattoos as a means of preventing suicide and depression from a person’s life. The “Project Semicolon” movement started by Amy Bleuel after she got the tattoo to honor her father. Her father committed suicide and the semicolon tattoo reminds her about how she tackles tough situations and mental health issues during that period. The whole movement has solo motive i.e. the hope to stop the suicide. It gains popularity in social media within a few days and the project considered way more successful than anyone has ever imagined as thousands of people across the globe took the challenge. People love to take semi colon tattoo challenge because it can be placed anywhere and definitely you will get an eye-catching tattoo.

Butterfly semicolon tattoo stands for the new beginning in the life. Everyone deserves a second change in life and for life.

Heart semicolon tattoo means you love your life or you share love with someone who is going through an unspoken battle.

Semicolon tattoo with Phrase/Quote variation means to show or bring out some thoughts for someone who struggling with anxiety or depression which you understand.

Arrow semicolon tattoo means that you have courage and willingness to move on. It indicates about your fight with self-harm, anxiety and depression.

Anchor semicolon tattoo means you are loyal to your life or to someone that you lost. Anchor counted as one of the best combinations of the semicolon.

Learn about the semicolon tattoo placement

Ideally you can place anywhere and this is the beauty of semi colon tattoo. So going for tattoo placement, your first step is to decide the purpose and the size of the tattoo. If you are looking to share your tattoo with everyone, then place on the visible part of your body like neck, wrist, shoulders, etc. Based on the purpose you can determine the size of your tattoo. You can even place this tattoo in a plain sight without being noticed liken behind the ear or between the fingers.

Approx. Price for getting Semicolon Tattoo

The price of semicolon tattoo depends on the size and creativity. The minimum cost will be around $40 and the rest depend on where you live. If you are looking to add some colors, designs and custom artwork, then be prepared to pay more. According to my past experience, you need to carry around $200 so you can ask the designers to create some out-of-the-box design. You will easily get some decent tattoo within your budget but don’t worry you can always extend your tattoo with time.

Hope you enjoyed our collection of 160+ Unique Semicolon Tattoo Ideas of 2018. If you really liked our collection then please do share with your colleagues and family. Your little effort is our inspiration which inspires us to keep continuing awesome work. If you have some sample which you would like to share with our audience, then comment below or contact us.

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