20 tatuagens radiantes em aquarela que são verdadeiras obras de arte

Tatuagens em voga

You can be sure that a watercolor tattoo will look as if it’s been painted on your skin. With the use of gentle moves, the artist is supposed to mimic the look of brushstrokes on the canvas. So, these tattoos are real works of art since they require a ton of patience, precision, and skill.

If you’re ready to wear a vibrant tattoo on your body for the rest of your life, this is the style for you. Now, there’s only one thing left to do and that is to find you the design that will make your heart skip a beat.

1. An abstract tattoo

Crédito: bextattoos

A combination of an abstrato and a watercolor style will look amazing and this tattoo proves that. If you’re willing to embrace artistic freedom on your skin, maybe this is what you’re looking for.

2. A sunset tattoo

Crédito: pablo_ortiz_tattoo

Literally, any motif that’s full of colors and would look amazing as the painting will also look amazing on the skin when done in a watercolor style. One of the options is to seek inspiration from nature such is the case in the picture above. A sunset tattoo like this one will make you feel in touch with nature and will brighten up even the darkest days.

3. A tree tattoo

Crédito: kelseyknown

Here we have another naturalistic motif, perfect for this specific tattoo style. If you enjoy fall or feel a special adoration for this kind of tree, maybe this is the solution for you. But bear in mind that you can always use this design as an inspiration and personalize it to your liking.

4. A portrait tattoo

Crédito: rainisline

You could also opt for a portrait tattoo and decorate it with vibrant colors that characterize the watercolor style. We love this combination of thin lines and bright pop of color.

5. Feelings off

Crédito: pablo_ortiz_tattoo

If you’d rather stay away from naturalistic motifs, you can get something like this. This design is a great idea if you’re tired of having your heart broken time after time.

6. A floral tattoo

Crédito: tattoobyjulie

Floral tattoos will never go out of style, we’re certain of that. They not only look amazing but the selection of flowers can also make them tell your own story. This tattoo uses muted colors but you can always replace them with something brighter if that’s what you prefer.

7. A water lily tattoo

Crédito: andrea_kroki

Speaking of bright and colorful, we love this giant back tattoo. It’s a definite show-stopper and will steal the attention when you hit the beach.

8. A tulip tattoo

Crédito: chisoyu

Just because you’re looking for a floral tattoo, it doesn’t mean that you have to dedicate a significant portion of your body to it. You can always stay on the smaller size and this design shows you how it can all look in the end.

9. A flower arrangement tattoo

Crédito: maya_marina_tattoo

We’re obsessed with this flower arrangement since it combines bright colors with a fairly simple design. Again, you can include any flowers you want, and that way, make this tattoo more about you and your wishes.

10. A feather tattoo

Crédito: nina.p.tattoo

Feather tattoos are often seen as symbols of freedom and guess what? They look amazing when done in a watercolor style! Choose a color combination that fits your aesthetic and turn your body into a canvas. We know you won’t be disappointed with the results.

11. Scene from a cartoon

Crédito: drikalinastattoo_

A watercolor style is a perfect technique for tattoos such as this one. If you’re obsessed with Disney or any other cartoon, you can opt for a tattoo such as this one. It’s magical and will make you feel like a child again.

12. The Little Prince

Crédito: michaltoropa.art

Another cool idea is to turn a moment from your favorite book into a fun tattoo. It can look something like this if you’re obsessed with The Little Prince and his adventures.

13. A hummingbird tattoo

Crédito: moni_lien_pham

A hummingbird is a symbol of freedom and independence. It flies wherever it wants and explores the world from a completely different perspective. But maybe it can land on your skin and rest there forever once turned into a vibrant tattoo.

14. A butterfly tattoo

Crédito: pablo_ortiz_tattoo

As a symbol of rebirth and change, a borboleta is a common motif among tattoo enthusiasts. The one in the picture combines dark and vibrant colors, leaving you with a stunning design that craves attention.

15. A fox tattoo

Crédito: brittachristiansen

This watercolor fox will embrace the meaning of prosperity and well-being it carries. It’s a slightly different approach since it doesn’t portray the full head of a fox but maybe that’s what makes this tattoo special.

16. A koi fish tattoo

Crédito: skylerespinoza

A koi fish is extremely popular in Japanese culture but we truly believe that its significance has spread all around the world. It symbolizes strength, preservance and good fortune which could be the reason why so many people opt for it.

17. A bee tattoo

Crédito: txttoo

Estes tiny hardworking creatures could decorate a part of your body, and they could do it beautifully. We believe that this design wouldn’t look as nearly as good if it wasn’t done in a watercolor style.

18. A phoenix tattoo

Crédito: brittachristiansen

If you’ve been through a lot but decided to fight through the battles and come stronger out of them, this is the tattoo for you. A powerful phoenix will remind you of your strength and its bright colors will fill you with hope on those days when you feel like giving up.

19. A cat tattoo

Crédito: peria_tattoo

If you own a feline friend, you may feel drawn to the idea of getting a tattoo of it. To celebrate your pet in the best way possible, you can always opt for a watercolor style and that way, portray your cat’s spirit in its full glory.

20. A dog tattoo

Crédito: pablo.colors.tattoos

We also wanted to give you an option with a dog, in case you’re a proud owner of a loyal canine. This design will honor your furry buddy in the best way possible.