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23 Fascinating Fibonacci Tattoos That’ll Hit The Mark

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Fibonacci was a medieval Italian mathematician who made a mark on the world with quite a few accomplishments. Fibonacci was, however, best known for the Fibonacci sequence which happens to be quite a popular tattoo motif, too. What’s the tea on Fibonacci tattoos, anyway?

Fibonacci tattoos are elegant, effortless, and *very* geometric. While they can carry many meanings, Fibonacci tattoos typically represent some sort of synchronization with nature – a strong alignment with the rhythms of nature, the cosmos, and the world at large. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite Fibonacci tattoos to show you all the different meanings you can count on when you decide to bite the bullet.

1. A Fibonacci tattoo

Credit: @alices_tattoo

The Fibonacci spiral seems to be one of the most common geometric tattoos out there, and for a good reason, too. The spiral itself is a symbol of creation, movement, fluidity, and evolution, as well as a representation of balance between good and evil.

2. A brushstroke Fibonacci tattoo

Credit: @karen_tattoo

When picking the perfect design for your Fibonacci tattoo, consider your personal preferences, as well as your tattoo artist’s strong and not-so-strong suits. A brushstroke tattoo, for example, can be a great way for you to stay on top of trends without committing to an abstract tattoo or a tattoo you don’t resonate with.

3. A Fibonacci tattoo on the thigh

Credit: @meanabsoluteerror

What about the placement of your Fibonacci tattoo? The Fibonacci spiral happens to be quite wearable and versatile, which means you don’t need to devote too much real estate to a single spiral tattoo. Thigh tattoos are typically better for bigger, bolder pieces, but it’s up to you to decide whether you want your Fibonacci tattoo on your thigh.

4. A Fibonacci tattoo with a hummingbird, a dragonfly, and a monarch butterfly

Credit: @jettaturas

When you decide to get a Fibonacci tattoo, work with your tattoo artist to come up with a design that encompasses everything you want your tattoo to represent. A hummingbird, a dragonfly, and a monarch butterfly all represent freedom, transformation, and progress, and that’s what makes them the perfect addition to a Fibonacci tattoo.

5. A Fibonacci tattoo with flowers and geometric shapes

Credit: @_ktattoo_

Flowers, dots, ornaments, lines, and geometric shapes can all be great additions to your tattoo, too. Furthermore, you can play with the style of the tattoo, as well as the color of the tattoo, to ensure you come out of the tattoo parlor with a smile on your face.

6. A fine-line Fibonacci tattoo

Credit: @twinstattoos.mru

Fine-line tattoos are becoming more and more popular, and you might be on board with them, too. They’re perfect for minimalists and people who prefer soft, subtle tattoos. They’re typically made with smaller needles (oftentimes a single needle), and they’re thinner, lighter, and more intricate than regular tattoos.

7. A tattoo of Atlas, the Fibonacci Sequence, and Metatron’s Cube

Credit: @tattoosbynicki

Oh, you’re thinking of going all out on your next tattoo? Get a tattoo of Atlas, the Fibonacci Sequence, and Metatron’s Cube to represent your love of all things mysticism.

8. A linework Fibonacci tattoo


Linework tattoos are everywhere and you might be tempted to take part in the trend, too. Linework tattoos are typically only made with lines and a lining needle which means they’re quite thin, intricate, and interesting.

9. A Fibonacci tattoo on the arm

Credit: @btktattoopiercing

When picking the perfect placement for your Fibonacci tattoo, don’t shy away from opting for an arm tattoo, a shoulder tattoo, or even a hand tattoo. While you might think that’s quite predictable, there’s no denying that these placements are popular for a reason – they’re simple, easy to care for, and on display at all times.

10. A dotwork Fibonacci tattoo

Credit: @wilddivinetattoo

Dotwork tattoos are exactly what you think they are! They’re tattoos created by inking a series of dots that come together to create the desired image. They’re typically more intricate and intriguing than regular tattoos, and they’re great for people who want to experiment with different styles.

11. A geometric Fibonacci tattoo

Credit: @weschetattoo

All Fibonacci tattoos are geometric, right? Absolutely, but you can make them even more *your own* by adding a bunch of geometric shapes, dots, and lines to the final design of the tattoo.

12. A Fibonacci tattoo with leaves, branches, and birds

Credit: @moisaran

What’s great about Fibonacci tattoos might be the fact that they’re wearable and versatile. Whether you create them with leaves, branches, and birds or you opt for something a little more abstract or geometric, you can count on your tattoo looking like a Fibonacci spiral at the end of the session, anyway.

13. A floral Fibonacci tattoo

Credit: @brittneytattoos

What do floral Fibonacci tattoos mean? While you’re free to assign the meaning to your tattoo based on the type of flowers you opt for, we’d argue that most floral tattoos represent beauty, purity, peace, and spiritual growth.

14. A Fibonacci tattoo with a fiddlehead fern, mushrooms, a crescent moon, and an all-seeing eye

Credit: @tenderfootstudio

What about a nature-themed Fibonacci tattoo? If you’re an experienced body art enthusiast, you might be interested in getting a detailed tattoo with elements that represent who you are. It’s a great way for you to express your creativity and send a message to everyone around you.

15. A Parang Curiga Fibonacci tattoo

Credit: @agathisdammara

Parang Curiga refers to a motif that’s typically associated with human beings who internally fight evil by controlling their desires so that their wise, noble character will prevail. Combined with a Fibonacci tattoo, a Parang Curiga tattoo can act as a protector and a guide to whoever wears it.

16. Matching Fibonacci tattoos

Credit: @mineemalism

Why not opt for matching Fibonacci tattoos? Whether you want to commemorate your friendship or celebrate your anniversary, you can get matching Fibonacci tattoos with your BFF or your SO.

17. A Fibonacci tattoo with a scorpion and the Creation of Adam

Credit: @glorioustattoonyc

We’re obsessed with Fibonacci tattoos that feature other elements. Whether you add a scorpion to your tattoo to represent your strength and power or the Creation of Adam to represent your rebirth after going through a tough time, you can’t go wrong with a detailed Fibonacci tattoo.

18. A Fibonacci tattoo on the hand

Credit: @adamdeanart

Hand tattoos are quite underrated, but that needs to change ASAP. Get a Fibonacci tattoo on your hand to complement the rest of your tattoos or to stand out on its own. Generally speaking, Fibonacci tattoos work wonderfully with different styles.

19. A Fibonacci mandala tattoo

Credit: @sahanatattoos

We can’t think of a better combination than a Fibonacci tattoo and a mandala tattoo! Mandala tattoos are representative of so many things: your internal balance, your soul and eternity, or something unique to you. Mandala tattoos are a great way to spice things up and make your tattoos more *spiritual.*

20. A Fibonacci tattoo on the back


What about a back tattoo? Whether you’re on the hunt for a statement work of art or a simple, subtle ink that doesn’t attract attention, you can go with a back tattoo.

21. A cherry blossom Fibonacci tattoo

Credit: @sydney_osso

Cherry blossom tattoos are all the rage these days, and they happen to be the perfect motif to combine with a Fibonacci tattoo. A Fibonacci tattoo made of cherry blossom flowers will look and feel great. What more could you want?

22. A colored cherry blossom Fibonacci tattoo

Credit: @justinkd_tatts

A colored cherry blossom Fibonacci tattoo might be up your alley, too! After all, cherry blossom flowers *pop* when they’re made with different colors of ink. And they allow you to play with different colors of the Fibonacci tattoo, too.

23. A Fibonacci fiddlehead fern ankle tattoo

Credit: @siltyloamtattoo

We’re ending the article with another fiddlehead fern tattoo! A Fibonacci spiral made of fiddlehead fern might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a solid option to consider when you’re struggling to come up with a design of your own.