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20 Captivating Animal Tattoo Ideas Celebrated On The Skin

Animal Tattoos

Getting an animal tattoo is a great way to celebrate your beloved pet, get in touch with nature, or even honor your personality traits. There’s so much you can achieve if you’re willing to engrave an animal on your skin.

Although the decision is never easy, we wanted to help you out by giving you different tattoo ideas and the meaning that comes with them. Let’s see what we have in store for you.

1. A cat tattoo


If you own a feline friend, you’ll probably appreciate the idea of getting its tattoo on your body. Opt for any style you like, bring your cat’s photo to the tattoo artist, and let him do his magic.

2. A dog tattoo

Credit: sarahmmortimertattoo

Maybe you don’t own a cat but you do share a home with a loyal canine. In that case, you can get a tattoo of your dog and honor him and his forever friendship.

3. A bunny tattoo

Credit: rachaelsawtelltattoo

A rabbit is a symbol of rebirth and luck so, you can’t go wrong if you opt to get a tattoo of it. In the picture above, you can see how you can spice up your design and get a real naturalistic tattoo on your skin.

4. A horse tattoo

Credit: lemontreeink

Horses are graceful animals and they represent freedom and strength. A horse tattoo is a perfect option if you’re obsessed with the spirit of this majestic creature.

5. A leopard tattoo

Credit: rachaelsawtelltattoo

If you’re looking for a tattoo that’s going to remind you of the importance of fierceness and confidence in life, the leopard should be the animal of your choice. It doesn’t matter if you opt for a realistic tattoo or a fine-line one, you’ll still get the meaning you’re on the hunt for.

6. A lion tattoo

Credit: fuhrichtattoo

A lion tattoo could be a symbol of courage and bravery. But, it can also represent the importance of family in your life, especially if you opt for a design that includes more than one lion. The decision is solely yours and it all depends on your preference.

7. A giraffe tattoo

Credit: _tazmaya_

The giraffe is a graceful animal that stands as a symbol of intelligence and intuition. This long-necked creature allows you to place it anywhere you want, to play with its size and style. Personalize your new tattoo so it fits your aesthetic and you’ll never regret getting it in the first place.

8. A shark tattoo

Credit: wakki_tattoo

Are you looking for a tattoo that’s going to represent fearlessness and confidence? Then a powerful shark is the solution you need. This creature of the sea will remind you to keep moving, no matter what you’re facing in life.

9. A fish tattoo

Credit: ediebea

Fish is often seen as a symbol of good fortune so getting one (or three of them, in this case) could increase your luck. It doesn’t matter if you opt for a simple design or choose a colorful tattoo, we’re sure you’ll be obsessed with your new ink.

10. A swan tattoo

Credit: lemontreeink

Beautiful and captivating, swans represent wisdom, confidence, and spirituality. Thanks to their look, you can be sure you’ll end up with a stunning tattoo that everyone’s going to be impressed with.

11. A turtle tattoo

Credit: cadinktattoo

Maybe you’re looking for an animal that is a symbol of strength and preservance? In that case, this turtle tattoo is everything you need and more. Adjust the design to your own liking and enjoy your new piece of art on the skin.

12. A hummingbird tattoo

Credit: fishcake.tats

Birds are often seen as symbols of freedom but this one also represents kindness and an energetic attitude. It’s a creature that will fit your aesthetic and your spirits.

13. A penguin tattoo

Credit: danielapvn

Getting a tattoo of a penguin guarantees you’ll end up with adorable ink. Besides that, this tattoo will also represent flexibility and the ability to navigate life challenges. And to be honest, we all need to be reminded of these two things on a daily basis.

14. An eagle tattoo

Credit: alise.a.tattoos

Eagles are powerful birds that symbolize dominance, strength, and freedom. A tattoo of one is a great idea if you’re looking for a more complex design since this bird has many details that have to be transferred onto the skin.

15. An owl tattoo

Credit: jaya_ritual

Speaking of birds, we can’t forget the wise owl. As a symbol of hope and vision, it can become one of your favorite skin decorations. Especially if you add some character to your tattoo design.

16. A sloth tattoo

Credit: kyla_rose_tattoo

Sloths are probably the most stress-free animals in the whole world. They’re seen as reminders of self-care and finding inner balance. So, you can’t go wrong if you get a sloth tattoo that will remind you to slow things down every once in a while.

17. A raccoon tattoo

Credit: kyla_rose_tattoo

Getting a raccoon tattoo may not be the first thing you thought about when you decided to ink an animal onto your skin. But it’s a perfect idea if you’re an adventurist at heart and love exploring since that’s exactly what this animal represents.

18. A snake tattoo

Credit: elrosestorm

Snakes are common tattoo motifs thanks to their ability to adjust to the natural curves of your body. They tend to look amazing, despite the placement which is why so many people opt for them. But the real question is if you’re willing to get a tattoo of this sneaky animal.

19. A lizard tattoo

Credit: calathea.ttt

If a snake sounds like a bit too much, maybe you can opt for a tattoo of a lizard. It will also be able to adjust to the natural curves of your body, highlighting its flexibility and adaptability – two traits we all need to navigate life.

20. A mouse tattoo

Credit: wicktail

Finally, we have a tattoo of an animal that humans do not particularly love. Still, it can be a great symbol of fertility and endurance if you don’t mind getting it forever engraved on your body.