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23 Tatouages d'ancre étonnants pour vous protéger dans la tempête

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In the vast sea of tattoo designs, only a few of them resonate as deeply as the anchor tattoo. Its timeless significance extends far beyond its nautical origins, embodying themes of stability, resilience, and hope amidst life’s tempests.

From sailors seeking safe passage to individuals navigating personal storms, anchor tattoos hold profound meaning for many. Join us as we explore 23 amazing anchor tattoos that serve as beacons of strength and security, promising to keep you grounded in times of turbulence.

1. Compass and anchor tattoo on the calf

Crédit : muted_tt

We start off the list with a true classic – a compass and anchor tattoo combo. Two symbols that have long been associated with sailors and sea captains have taken on a broader meaning in the modern world.

So it’s no surprise that they provide inspiration for so many tattoos. I am particularly fond of this calf placement.

2. Beautiful black and grey anchor tattoo on the upper arm

Crédit :

The way that the dotwork is done on this anchor tattoo makes it seem like it has been corroded by the water from all the years of being in the ocean.

I think that’s a really nice touch and can be meant to symbolize all the obstacles that we overcome in life and how they can bruise but not break us.

3. Boat and anchor tattoo for couples

Crédit : staynatattoo

If you have a significant other in your life or simply somebody that you are really close with, then this pair of tatouages assortis is the perfect choice for you.

One of you gets the little anchor and the other gets the boat – both tattoos work on their own, but put together they are a cute little masterpiece.

4. Amazing nautical star and anchor tattoo

Crédit : _juergen__frisch_

We move on to another navigational motif, which is probably going to be a recurring theme in this article, since we’re talking about anchor tattoos after all.

This one is done in the style of a nautical star in the background of the design with the anchor in front of it. It is really detailed, but still kind of subtle which is a nice touch.

5. Impressive arm tattoo with an anchor and a swallow

Crédit : lejla_tattoo

This impressive design features a black anchor in the background with a swallow in full flight in front of it. It’s got some beautiful shading elements and fits lovely on the upper arm.

6. Black ink anchor with stars

Crédit : nico_tattoos

This is a pretty classic anchor tattoo when you first look at it, but there is something about those two black stars placed on either side of it that really makes the design pop.

The black shading is also really impressive and it gives the whole tattoo some extra weight and depth.

7. Incredible anchor tattoo with lots of details

Crédit : _newtattoo_

This incredibly elaborate shoulder design has so many distinct elements that it’s hard to know where to start. At the heart of it is a compass pointing towards the North, with some flowers placed behind it on both sides.

The anchor takes a back seat in this one, but it still takes up most of the space and it provides a great base for the beautiful linework and shading to really come to the fore.

8. Jaw-dropping shark and anchor design

Crédit : neotraditionalspain

This is an incredibly detailed tattoo, featuring a fierce shark with its mouth open, revealing its sharp teeth. The anchor element is intertwined with the shark, ropes, and what appears to be blood dripping down from the animal.

The design has a striking contrast with the use of black, red, and turquoise colors, and a single red dot is present as the shark’s eye.

9. Stylish anchor just above the knee

Crédit : monicastattoos

This person appears to have multiple tattoos on their thigh, but the anchor design definitely takes center stage with its placement right above the knee.

It’s a very classic design, featuring all the typical elements of an anchor, but it still has enough style and substance to catch the eye.

10. Simplistic black ink anchor on the forearm

Crédit : inkedashes3

Sometimes, the simplest designs are the ones that grab the attention the most. This minimalist blacked-out anchor tattoo is a very striking design and with its placement on the inner forearm it can serve as a reminder to the person who wears it every time they look at it – every storm shall pass.

11. Anchor with colorful flower decorations

Crédit : narythe3rd

We make a hard turn from a very simple anchor tattoo design to one that is full of elaborate elements and vivid colors. It’s perhaps unusual to combine an anchor with a flower, but you don’t question it when it comes out looking this good.

The red details on the edges really make it jump out at you, don’t they?

12. Stunning linework compass and anchor on the chest

Crédit : milano_tattooart

The use of intricate linework on this particular chest piece is a great choice because it makes the compass, anchor, and rope look incredibly realistic.

It’s the perfect example of how great artists can achieve so much with just one color.

13. Elaborate anchor design on the hand

Crédit : natanink

There are beautiful minimalist designs, and there is something as in-your-face as this one. Feature absolutely stunning shading and blackwork, this anchor tattoo is one the most unique ones on this list.

Getting ink done on the back of your hand is never easy, but if you’re going to do it, you might as well go for something big and bold.

14. Shoulder anchor tattoo with the word Family

Crédit : blackwidow_ink_

Anchors typically symbolize ideas such as stability, calmness, and hope. When you combine one with the word “Family” then that meaning takes on a whole new level.

If you’ve got a family that looks up to you as their anchor in the storms of life, then this tattoo might be the perfect choice.

15. Minimalist ankle anchor

Crédit :

There is something inherently beautiful in tattoos that are hidden and barely visible on a person’s body. When you finally notice them, it’s like you’ve discovered a hidden treasure.

Le présent small ankle anchor definitely has that kind of vibe to it, and besides, it’s just fun to say “ankle anchor” over and over again.

16. Beautiful swallow & anchor combo

Crédit : eptattoo

We have another anchor and swallow combo, but this time deep black shading has given way to bright colors and picturesque design. The swallow is there to symbolize your capacity to fly, and the anchor to show how grounded you are.

It’s lovely symbolism and it’s absolutely beautiful to look at.

17. A classic tattoo for lovers of the anchor design

Crédit : mevalemadrex

Sometimes you just need something to keep your feelings in check, am I right? This anchor tattoo placed right on the heart is a great representation of that.

It offers a reminder that the bad emotions will pass and the clouds will go away, so just sit tight and get through it.

18. An anchor tattoo below the ear

Crédit : lalaura_studio

Some people opt for placing their tattoos in spots that are easily hidden by clothes, but others like to wear their ink on full display.

This neck anchor tattoo is a great example of that and it can be a great choice for someone who wants to show off their ability to stay calm in the eye of the storm.

19. A tattoo for those who are sailors in their hearts

Crédit : kyletattooz707

Popeye wore his anchor tattoo proudly on his bicep, but he didn’t have the creativity to combine it with this subtle but stunning heart design.

Rocking up to the party with this tattoo might just make Olive question her choices.

20. Symbolic propeller and anchor tattoo

Crédit : links53

We usually see the anchor motif combined with something like a compass, but this person had a different way of thinking and I have to say that I like it.

If you’re a person who likes boats and sailing, then this propeller and anchor tattoo is an absolute must-have for you.

21. Anchor with a tree growing from it

Crédit : garbage_pail_spatz

This is another unusual combination but it’s a very creative one and it carries a lot of meaning even just from looking at it.

It’s only by anchoring yourself and setting your roots that you can grow into the best version of yourself. That is beautiful symbolism fitting a beautiful design.

22. An ankle anchor with a subtle semicolon

Crédit : gordienumber9

Anchors and semicolons don’t appear to have anything in common at first glance, but when you think about it a bit deeper, you start to discover some interesting connections.

Look at it this way: a semicolon represents a place where a sentence could end, but continues on. In the same way, an anchor is put in a place where the boat stops for a while, but then continues on its journey.

23. Epic eagle carrying an anchor

Crédit : calumtattooer

I decided to end this list with a bang, and what better way than a tattoo of an epic eagle carrying a massive anchor in its claws? It shows that there is nothing that can stop an eagle when it sets its mind to something, which is a great mentality to have.